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    Character's name: Caillenne
    Class/spec: Mistweaver
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Arthas
    Region: US
    Highest rating in the bracket: 1900
    Current rating in the bracket: 0
    Timezone: US east
    Contact info: PM here or in-game.
    RL ID : Cyriaa#1107

    I'm looking for 2s, 3s and RBGs. I made it to 2099 with my Hpal during Cata, would like to push further on this toon. My schedule during the week is generally full so I'm looking for mostly weekend arenas. But I can do on weeks, just not always. I also have a number of alts that I could gear up but atm this toon and my Enh shammy are the only ones decently geared. (plus I have the most experience in PvP as a healer.)
    Come Join my dedicated server! We run events and such!

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    Character's name: Crushlol
    Class/spec: Death knight - Unholy/Frost
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Bleeding Hollow
    Region: US
    Character's name: Googlesearch
    Class/spec: Hunter - Marks
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Bleeding Hollow
    Region: US
    Character's name: Bludcraze
    Class/spec: Warrior - Arms
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Bleeding Hollow
    Region: US

    Highest rating in the bracket: 2k+
    Timezone: US central
    Contact info: PM here or in-game.
    RL ID : Burton028#1109

    I'm looking for 2's, 3's, 5's and RBG's. I don't rbg much but I did lead/TC a group from 0 to 1700 in one night on my dk last season, but I prefer arena's. I'm just looking for active PvPr's to play with. I'm not really worried about rating this season because of the current state of pvp. Just looking to have fun and improve my pvp game play for future seasons to push rating.

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    LF 2s, 3s, 5s and RBGs only with 2.2+ expd people
    I dont really care about the cr you have, you just need (recent) experience.
    (exceptions: obviously I will not be playing with people that played a few hundred games
    in some bracket and are stuck at 1.6 with a negative win/loss ratio)

    Faction: Alliance
    Exp: 2.2+arena / 2.6rbg
    CR: most of my chars are somewhere around 1.8-2.1cr in 2s/3s/rbgs
    Tag: Kris#2395


    I like to play all of these chars and I can play all of them, so if you often need any of those for rbgs then add me.
    Also looking for arena partners, up for any bracket. For 5s the comp can be just about anything, for 2s and 3s I pref these comps:

    Holydin ( 2s: war/dk/mage/hunter/warlock 3s:kfc,tsg,war+mage+me,affli+ele+me)
    Disc (2s: dk/hunt/mage 3s:nah)
    Boomkin (2s: mage/ret/affli/destro/rogue 3s:lsd2 or holydin/ele/me)
    Hunter (2s: ret/holydin/disc/rogue 3s:kfc or thug)
    Rogue (2s: boomkin/ret/lock/hunter/mage 3s: RMP or RLS)
    Affli (2s: rogue/boomkin 3s: lsd/lsd2/rls/wls)

    So if you fit any of these 2s/3s comps or if you want to make a 5s or a steady rbg group,
    add me and give me a whisp
    Not sure if I used this thread as I was suppose to, but here you have it

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    Character's name: Frozenhawk
    Class/spec: MM
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Eredar
    Region: US
    Highest rating in the bracket: 1508
    Current rating in the bracket: 1508
    Timezone: US west
    Availability: I raid Sunday-Tuesday and usually do flex Wednesday as well as CMs on Thursday (all of these are between 8-12 EST) outside of that I'm usually on and not doing anything.
    Contact info: PM here or in-game.
    RL ID : Twistedbael#1434 (please add a note if you are going to add me)

    I'm looking to get into pvp and to start it take it more seriously once I've gotten some more gear/experience. I've pvped a bit in cata (got to like 1700? maybe don't remember exactly) but nothing to serious. Would also be interested in finding an rbg team as well (haven't done rbgs before besides yolo ones). Little bit of background, I've been semi hardcore raiding since DS and since progression is basically over and I have nothing to really do now outside of raiding besides a few things I've taken an interest in pvp.

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    Your character's name: Josephr
    Which faction: ally
    What server you play on: thunderlord
    Region: east
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 1800
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 3s
    Your playing schedule: everyday after 5est
    Alternative ways to contact you (Placing your e-mail here is not smart though) Joeyr#1342

    21yrs old

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    Frost mage Horde from Twisting nether looking for a feral rogue or warrior to cap some 2s with.
    also interested in 3s team for the future.
    2.4 k ish experience previorusly seasons pm for more

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    Your character's name: briis
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Fenris
    Region: us
    Your armory:
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: any bracket
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 3s or RBG
    Your playing schedule: 8:30pm till 1 am est
    Which timezone you live: East Coast
    Which class/spec you are looking for: I'm a holy pally looking for any RBG's.
    Your guilds name: Dark Ascent
    Alternative ways to contact you: in game or darkseid#1790
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    Im a pretty serious pvper, jsut started a few months ago though. I'm just looking for people who will either
    -bg with me, and heal, or just help survive and kill things
    -or arena. i want to get to a pretty high rating but not sure if im good enough yet

    Name: Faelnir (shadow priest) but i can only go to 80 so anyone who has only wrath or wants to cap at 80. i only have wrath
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
    region: eu
    Reason: just looking for help and having fun. i want to get better at pvp and get more damage, die less, etc.

    if you want to play just pm me on the forum

    - - - Updated - - -

    wouldnt let me edit last post
    you can also contact me at charan.segaran on gmail

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    Your character's name: Lanfear-Drak'thul
    Which faction: Horde
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play: 1917
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play: 1877
    Your playing schedule: Any time
    Which timezone you live: US-central
    Which class/spec: I have a full 522 set for shadow and holy and can both very well.

    I am looking for people to push past 2k with in RBGs. You can contact me at Newguy#1903.
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    Character's name: Jeckle
    Class/spec: Rogue Sub
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Sargeras
    Region: US
    Armory: apparently i can't post a link; i'm jeckle on sargeras though (if i log out in my pve gear, i'm full grievous with a 90% completed stam set for fc)
    Availability: Commensurate with group but i don't want to play every night.

    Highest rating in the bracket: 1700
    Timezone: US central
    Contact info: PM in-game.
    RL ID : Sheighmus#1378

    I'm looking to push past 2k in rbgs. I would also like to find teammates for thug cleave/rmd/rls. I have been 2100 on a ret paladin but have little experience in 3s as a rogue.

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    [A] Core RBG Group LFM

    Looking for all 2k+ experienced RBGer's to join a serious core group for rating push.

    If interested please add our RBG Leader in game: Luke#11599

    Thank you.
    Monk Guides/Tips & Fun unique videos check it out:

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    Character's name: Bloodmasta
    Class/spec: Hunter - MM
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: Doomhammer
    Region: US

    Highest rating: 1950
    Timezone: US mountain
    Contact info: In-game, please.
    B-tag: Bloodmasta#1894

    I'm looking for 2's, 3's, 5's and RBG's. I'm fully geared, so rating push is the goal.

    I'm stuck on a dead server, needing new pvp friends.

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    Dreadlord Captainn's Avatar
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    Jan 2013
    New Castle, PA
    My Hunter:
    Your character's name: Polarizing
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Stormreaver
    Region: US
    Your armory:

    My Paladin:
    Your character's name: Captaïn
    Which faction: Horde
    What server you play on: Stormreaver
    Region: US
    Your armory: Logged out in PVE gear, but I almost have a whole set of conquest gear (season 14)

    Your playing schedule: M-F 11PM EST to 5-6AM eastern time; S-Su- 2Pm EST and on
    Which timezone you live: Eastern
    Which class/spec you are looking for: I am looking for an RBG group that needs members. I am looking to get better. Stormreaver is mostly PVE unfortunately and I have not had the chance to run RBGs for a few years. Would be interested in learning the nuances.

    Alternative ways to contact you: Battle tag is polymath#1284 (best place to contact me)

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    Mechagnome Bombino's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    United States
    US - Horde Warrior
    highest 2s - 2286
    highest 3s - 2424
    highest 5s - 2300

    I've only ever OQ'd RBG groups and have had a hard time getting in as a warrior.

    Btag - Bombinomyrm#1424
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    Your character's name : Albelnox

    Warrior Fury

    Which faction : Horde

    What server you play on Hellscream

    Region US

    Your armory

    Your playing schedule Every Evening after 5pm week fri/sat/sun prety much anytime

    Which timezone you live EST

    Alternative ways to contact you Battle tag : Azg0rath#1809

    I just got back to the Game and im looking for people to PvP With For Fun and/or Rating im still learning this Expac Stuff and so help and Advise to help me improve are welcome.
    untill im full PvP geared any Conquest Point Farm is welcome lol (thanks to catch up mechanic i can do 19k/week)

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    Hello my name is Nymble, and I like to PvP. I've been PvPing in multiple MMOs since 2006. I like long walks on the beach (not really), and I'm an aquarius (really).

    I'm a working professional and a soccer coach, so I only have so much time per day to play. Because of my schedule, and the wide variety of stuff to do in WoW, I have a very specific schedule. I do 3v3 on Monday and Tuesday nights, raid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

    I'm hoping to find a semi-serious group of RBGers that want to play every week for points and rating. I know I could OQ them, but I'm looking for consistency, the same group every week. I feel that to get good at RBGs you really should have a consitent group of people. I can transfer servers if needed, and I have no problem joining a guild, but I do need to stay horde. In the end I'm looking for a consistent group of people that wants to do RBGs on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST.

    I also have a Shaman that I leveled up just for Arena and RBGs, however I have not had a chance to start working on her gear, and may wait for season 15 to start.

    Nymblê on Area-52 (can't post links yet )

    Feel free to contact me via Battletag (LiQiuD#1222) or here.

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    Your character's name Ilumia, Resto Druid

    Which faction Alliance

    What server you play on Auchindoun

    Region EU

    Your armory

    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play Default (Haven't been able to do any RBGs nor started Arena thus far)
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play Default

    Your playing schedule I raid Wed/thur evenings, except for that I'm always available if online

    Which timezone you live CET

    Alternative ways to contact me Battletag: Morepewpew#2145

    I haven't played serious PvP since Vanilla and now the lust for killing Horde has surfaced!
    I'm looking for some RBGs, either random pugged or partly guild. I would love to get a good rating, but for the time being getting full Grievous is main priority while having fun.

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    Mechagnome MayronEU's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Mulgore apparently..
    Your character's name: Mayron
    Class and Spec: Enhancement Shaman (also have PVE resto gear)
    Faction: Horde
    Server: Twisting Nether
    Region: EU

    Your armory:
    Highest + Current rating: I use to Arena a lot in TBC and have not done so since and not tried out RBG's yet but want to get into them.

    Which time zone you live: GMT (UK)
    Battletag: Mayron#2588

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    Your character's name :Jackiechii
    Which faction :Alliance
    What server you play onDarksorrow ( We can Que cross realm wise though)
    Region :Europe
    Your armory :
    Your highest rating in the bracket you wish to play :1709
    Your current ratings in the bracket you wish to play :1650
    Your playing schedule : Mostly during the week
    Which timezone you live GMT+1
    Which class/spec you are looking for I'm LF a skilled Elemental / Hunter /Lock / Mage ( Rly open for lots of comps.. No melee cleaves though!
    Your guilds name Don't get a guild atm
    Just contact me through WoW - Gabriiel#2125 Is my battletag - Please be sure to mention something.
    Thnx in advance

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    Class/spec:Hunter marksmanship
    Server:The Maelstorm
    Experience:Was playing on Arena Tournoment since TBC and now came here to rock off!
    Contact me in game or pm

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