Thread: Warlocks in pvp

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    Warlocks in pvp

    I haven't really pvp'd any this expansion and I'm looking to get into it.
    How are locks doing atm?

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    Pretty good.
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    as warlock you can dot every one in the enemy team, the problem is that when they see you they will all gang you every time since you cant move, but dont worry warlocks can trust in their tankynest, oh shit wait, they nerf their shield, you are so dead.

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    I play Affliction exclusively and really enjoy it because I like DoT specs. GoS is my choice for double Spell Lock + Essence Drain. Nether Ward is a solid choice but be aware it can get purged -which I do against any lock with fell puppy purge.

    Warrior will annihilate you and so will a DH and pretty much any and all melee with CD's .. If your trinket is down a FDK can take you from 100 - 0 within stun+bubble taking into accounts interrupts.

    The silver lining is in a team setting and when you get to multi DoT you will get to x5 UA burst many times as well as always keep x1 target feared and a caster double silenced and a critical magic effect purged.

    Affi has been nurfed pretty much every patch, they badly over nurfed ability to survive as well as UA duration and DoT stacking via Rot and Decay .. I used to be able to maintain a continues stream of UA+Full DoTs on a target or two but now its not possible .. UA WILL eventually fall off and I can only target x1 at a time with my so called burst.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeol View Post
    I haven't really pvp'd any this expansion and I'm looking to get into it.
    How are locks doing atm?
    Go destro or demo, don't bother with aff it's a hassle atm.

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    Locks are always good on at least one spec.

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