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    I think that the thing that i like most in WoW is Dueling and World pvp, then arenas and bgs.

    I'm wishing back to play, but i have some doubts as which class i should pick. Specially for duels, which is the best classes atm ?

    From what i've seen, Frost DK's, Ferals and Hunters are pretty strong, but i heard about Warlocks, Using all the stuff for Drain life (Affliction/Demonology) and Ember Tap (Destruction) they can survive really hard.

    Any experienced players on duels/arenas can answer, and discuss here ?

    Thank you, peace.

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    I too enjoy dueling, the class I find I have the most success with is my feral. So much burst positional, bleeds / slows to kite melee, and lots of healing.

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    Feral, Rogue, Mage are imo good and fun classes to duel with, and also alot of fun in arena and bgs + in world pvp stealth is always fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gankatron View Post
    Mage sucks. Mage can't beat shit. Feral, rogue and hunter should be crapping all over a mage if they know what they're doing.
    well feral has always beaten mages.. But if u say mages cant beat shit its you who is the problem dude...

    I can beat alot of players that are around my own rating in duels with my fire mage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gankatron View Post
    You're probably beating warriors, dks, priests and some clueless fools or UP classes like shamans and monks. Mage vs. geared and skilled pretty much anything, can't win.
    Ok so mages beat:
    Monks at least from all classes .

    So from 11 at least 5, why should this be bad? This isn't a fps game .

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    I have always enjoyed dueling with my priest, and my warrior most. Warlock is fun too with DoT's and stuff.. Can't really say much for the other classes maybe other than a rogue, I simply just don't play the other classes for pvp.

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    Who do you think is the toughest dueling spec? Not the one who beats everything but the one who can live for a very long time or the one who just can't die? Is it Blod DK, Discipline Priest, Demo Warlock ...?

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