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    Rating - Faction Transfer

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering now that arena rating is personal, will I lose it if I faction change & if not, will I still be entitled to a PvP title at the end of the season?

    I have pretty much stopped PvPing for this season due to friends quitting and probably won't be playing any games when I go horde as I will just be playing with my GF doing random stuff as opposed to arena.


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    The devs themselves say you should avoid transfering now until rewards have been given out, as there is chance of losing out. Wait a few more weeks.
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    don't do it if you wanna keep your rating buddy
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    Cheers friends

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    If you really have to transfer just do it. You can petition a GM to get your title in the event you don't get it because of the transfer.

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    I recently faction changed, took about an hour and kept my ratings.

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