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    Noob Questions


    I am a balance druid, I have collected all my pvp blue gear and got 2 pieces of conquest gear (ring and head) through Ashran.

    How do I get into rated battle grounds? I look for groups in the custom groups but I see most of them require a rating and achievements, how do I increase my rating and how do I get these achievements?

    Is there a good website for Arena guides like what are the optimal strategies, what class is best combo with me and what are the best macros/addons for pvp

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    What exactly do you aim for with RBGs? Just getting the 3 weekly wins for a chance at extra conquest piece? If so, then there are yolo groups that require you have only full pvp gear (or conq weapon at most) to join them. With the low MMR these groups tend to have (usually around 1500) and the amount of people actually doing RBGs for the 3 weekly wins, you should be getting your RBG wins sooner or later with pretty much any group. Get ready for bunch of people leaving after each loss, so there's some downtime.
    Boomkins are in pretty good shape for RBGs, so you shouldn't be having too much trouble getting into a group. My DK is now in mid 1600s just from pugging like this.

    Be patient, refresh the premade tool often and you should be in a group within 20 minutes or so. Weekend, the night before reset and the day of reset are the best times to do something like this, as there's the most people trying to get capped and fishing for their extra piece

    If you want to have much easier time getting into a RBG group, get resto offspec. Healers seem to be at premium for RBGs and every group wants to have a resto druid.

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    thanks for the reply

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