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    Demo warlock setup/opener

    What is my main setup and opener as a demo warlock in 3v3? How often am I hitting demonic empowerment?

    I am loaded with questions but want to take it a few steps at a time. I see warlocks get 1mil+ Implosions and Thalkiels and was wondering how they do it since I cap out at like 700k Thalkiel crits.

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    Everytime you summon a demon, you need to be casting empower. Before you engage, you need to cast empower.

    Thel'kiel's is very very hard to set up in PvP as casters are really punished right now, but, the way to go is:
    Empower > Doom, bolt till 5 shards, Doomguard, Gul'dan, empower, boltx2, dreadstalkers, empower, bolt and gul'dan till you only have a bout 3 seconds left on imps, empower, thel'kiel's, implosion.

    If you did this correctly, then you should have used consumption on ~9-11 demons, with a 4-7 imp implosion. Mind you, this is a perfect situation where they just let you free cast, so chances are you'll only get to do 75% of this.

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    Most demo locks play shadowflame as well for some reliable shard regeneration.

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