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    Chinese chicken wings cant wait

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    why remove my caps?! no! I DEMAND MY CHICKEN WINGS IN CAPITALS!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enjeh View Post
    craving a kebabpizza with fries on! gief!

    lmao dafuq is that man? i bet its nice but marks out of 10 for presentation hahaha not even getting a 1 !!!
    p.s save me a slice plz haha
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    Your coffee.
    Carrot cake, lettuce salad of any variety, and some sort of pasta dish with salmon. Not in that order.
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    Beef! Need some meat! Tasty meat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enjeh View Post
    craving a kebabpizza with fries on! gief!

    Looks amazing, but my only concern is the lettuce.
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    Sliced peaches. You know the type you get in grape juice, in the big cartons?

    The only food type I ever genuinely crave.

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    Edamame. And loads of it. Now. Please.

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