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    if you cut your kill time by a factor of 3 (very possible if you have a dedicated tank and can go all out), you can actually get your mounts faster with 2 people than solo.

    If it takes 9 minutes to kill one solo but 3 with 1 other friend, then you're both going to get your mounts faster than either of you going solo.

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    Yeah im not abotu to run around in circles spamming BoS and ST. Im too impatient for that. I just find a blood DK or a monk tank and its GG.
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    Good luck trying to do this on a nearly full PvP server. I just had a really nice Blood DK friend on a dead server that would invite me to his realm, and we would 2 man them. Added all 3 mounts to my collection, with him getting 2 after passing on all of them.

    I could also solo this on a fully geared PvP Blood DK.

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    Easy maybe, but also incredibly time consuming.
    Quote Originally Posted by Extremity View Post
    I like turtles. I would like turtle-based tier sets. I would like a turtle shell helmet, and perhaps a cheeseburger backpack and a chestpiece that simply places a red gemstone on my bellybutton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro9ue View Post
    Easy maybe, but also incredibly time consuming.
    Cuz we all have better shit to do, yes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paq View Post
    Just because you can spam Burst of Speed and ST on your rogue, doesn't all off a sudden mean every class can solo a Warbringer.....

    Although, it is possible to solo the WB in the Dreadwastes on any character using master of puppets, but the rest, pfff I have no idea as a mage (Although come class as fire with nice RNG)
    I solo them on my frost mage. It takes a long time, lots of Ice Lance spam. Not sure there's any class that can't solo them, it just takes a long time to do so.

    I've also done it on my ret pally, ele shaman, and mw monk.

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