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    We started siegecrafter heroic last night. Without going into too much I found succy sac + shadowfury + KJC + destro was a nice combo to deal with mines. No you don't have the gorilla rape damage on the boss opener aff gives you (though not bad) but wipes tend to happen to adds/mechanics more than enrage.
    I guess it might depend on 10 vs 25, but in a 25 I found Affliction to be really nice boss damage (Affliction warlocks were 1 and 2 on damage done to boss) and Destruction to be very nice mine damage (again 1 and 2 iirc). The mines are important, but killing the boss in time is no joke either. For any 25m I would recommend getting as many warlocks as you can, and having at least 1 Affliction. Beside the great boss damage, CoEx can also be very useful on mines.

    In 10m I have no clue :P

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    So, any results how
    •Grimoire of Sacrifice should no longer incorrectly reduce spell damage while Fire and Brimstone is also active.
    changed things?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imaskar View Post
    So, any results how changed things?
    GoSac was incorrectly reducing FnB spell damage by ~2k for no apparent reason.

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    Furty....destro's opener is entirely dependent on getting 2x+ chaosbolts off with at least one of them being 10x BB stack + another int proc. (say start the cast at 6-7 and get 2x) Aff feels pretty strong opener wise reliably since its easier to snapshot that 10x stack...especially when its 8,9, sawblade FFFFFFFFFF!!!!!. Input lag can also tend to fubar that.

    Soulburned glyph'd coex can aoe snare 70% that does not break on dmg which is nice for helping group up mines...though aff's damage itself is largely wasted on them. I played destro on our kill but did do some demo pulls. Carrion's knockback is nice along with felstorming a pet on a pile of adds. If you can get some luck w' 4xT16 procs the shadowflame stacks can also be quite a bit of snare/CC on the adds though you can't aoe them directly. Damage on demo felt on par with destro but the flexibility of destro and utility of its self heals (oh look back to back lasertag during magnet phase....) made me stick with it. Near the end when things got chaotic being able to snipe shadowburns was huge for survival. KJC and F&B incinerate spray vs mines was also really really nice and not something aff can help with but like most things it comes down to your raid and what is the challenge vs getting the kill.

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    Destro is boss on Siegecrafter heroic because its one of the few specs that can reliably 2 man the assembly line on 10 man and come back to do big damage on the mines.

    If your gna do nothing but stand in the middle id still choose it for the aoe.
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    Since there is no real ongoing debate here, and this thread has served it's purpose I think it's best if we close it here and let it die. If there are things about 5.4 that you want to discuss we've got some excellent spec specific stickies to discuss spec specific things, or the ability to create a thread on a new subject if that's what's needed.


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