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    [Nether Tempest] vs [Living Bomb] @ high haste levels ?

    As I have read, living bomb > nT in single target fights, but is this still true at high haste levels where NT gets extra ticks?
    I saw some debating in these forums but never found out what was the conclusion. Some one care to help?

    At 533ilvl frost spec is Living Bomb still better than NT single target? Thanks.

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    On purely Single Target (e.g., no NT cleave), 1 LB tick is always going to be > 3 NT ticks, so if your haste level is perfectly on the plateaus of +1 LB tick/+3 NT ticks, LB will come out better. If you're on a plateau for +2 NT ticks, I think NT may come out just barely stronger, but I could be wrong on that.

    TL;DR: LB is still better, assuming you're on the plateaus. Higher levels of haste aren't really relevant.

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