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    T17 idea

    What are your opinions on this as a tier set?

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    Not bad, but don't really like the hood/facepaint vibe... Too Jokerish from Batman-ish. The rest of it is pretty dope though.

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    Looks great in my opinion

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    Meh. I don' think anything will ever top T3 or 7(10) for me.

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    to boots dont look good and the hood is well okay isch cut the tip of the hood idk how its called its way to long maybe use somekind of an facemask too? everything else looks good
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    It's a jester. Cute.

    Not terrible. Unique aesthetic idea at least, but you know it wouldn't look anything at all like that in-game.

    No Cicero plz.
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    The feather motif makes it look like a druid set. Might look different in color.

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    I like it, a good mask on a rogue set is the most important thing to me, but I'm not a fan of the shoes

    9/10 would transmog

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    Awesome, would give it a 10/10

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    I like the stabby parts, and the feathery parts, but it needs a bit... "more"

    Maybe shoulders filled with poison, instead of just being feathers, a different mask without the pointy hood.
    I like hoods, but not the point in front of it.
    Maybe like shadowy mist leaking out several parts, the bladey parts dipped in poison or something...

    I just think it needs a bit "more" overall.

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    It looks more like a Druid set to me, to be honest - especially because of the shoulders.

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    thanks for everyones' feedback

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    Looks more like a Druid set to me.

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    Less feathery stuff imo, but a good hood is always a plus for a rogue set.

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    Change some feathers to knives and I'll give it 8/10, it's 7/10 though.

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    I honestly can't believe you're getting anything other than brilliant feedback. This a great and original idea and you are not just talented but truly gifted :-).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boshtastic View Post
    I honestly can't believe you're getting anything other than brilliant feedback. This a great and original idea and you are not just talented but truly gifted :-).
    because not every person is the same? because i dislike it

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    I'd wear it proudly. I feel like it has the look of some order of assassins that it could be attached to. Great, original work though honestly. Much better than most of the sets Blizzard has come out with. 8.5/10. It's still missing something, but I can't really put my finger on what exactly.

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