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    Wink Elemental shaman video

    Hey guys so a few days ago i made an elemental shaman pvp guide for pvp, i feel that i made an excellent job with it, now it's up to you to decide, as i'm new to this forum i cannot post links however my channel is easy to find, simply youtube search "exotv" and a channel with 36 subscribers and a black backgrund image with a diablo character should pop up, at my channel go ahead and click the "in depth elemental shaman pvp guide 5.4.7" video. Thanks in advance and i hope you enjoy my video!

    It has a comedy purpose to it

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    Reminds me of moonkin pvp videos from vanilla. I did enjoy it though :P

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    we don't permit advertising on the forum. Though, if you wish to share your videos with the community, there is a sticky thread for sharing in!

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