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    Back in WOTLK i made my Death Knight called "Cervixmucus" but halfway through hellfire peninsula i was auto logged out and forced to rename.

    i was a little sad, because i used the scientific term. whats offensive about science?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scummer View Post
    Does it not seem a little childish to break the ToS and then point the finger when other get away with it as some sort of justification for breaking the ToS?
    This exactly.

    You knew what you were doing was against the rules, you did it anyway. You got caught, forced to rename, and rather than deal with it in a mature way all you can do is goto forums and cry because other people get away with it. That's pretty pathetic.
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    After four-plus pages I think everything that needs to be said about this has been said more than once. Besides, this is an issue between you and Blizzard and there's really nothing we can do for you here. So closing.
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