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    Best classes in PVE 5.4 Warlock and Rogue again?

    According to the first 5.4 build, what is the "best" classe at the moment ? (Utility and DPS) I want to reroll just in case (Played monk in 5.2, )

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    Unlikely, warlocks just got shat on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rurts View Post
    Unlikely, warlocks just got shat on.
    Yeah, they're now the only* ranged class that can't perform 100% of their DPS while moving! What the fuck, Blizzard?

    *Except for Mages, Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman and Moonkin
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rurts View Post
    Unlikely, warlocks just got back in line.
    There.. It's better.

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    Just throwing this out there: Balance Druid

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    "Which class should I re-roll to" threads are not allowed. Please reference FAQ section for more info.
    Closing thread.
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