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    would you like it if you are force to do WoD Before Legion?

    Would you like it if Warcraft done same thing as FFXIV?
    Basically, to enter new expansion area, you need to complete all former expansion main quest, dungeon and raid.

    For example, As alliance, You need to clear first zone, see Velen death, see Akuma death, see Garrosh death, complete all raids at least once......etc

    You can add some side "main quest" like seeing how Yrel change in every zone, from weak character till she become strong character.

    You enter Legion while knowing what hell is going on, because you saw everything, from saving Gul'dan at the beginning till the end where Archimonde shot him to main universe.

    -New players need to complete past content first to see newer one.

    They can make it easier with account achievement, where you only need to do all that shit with one character.

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    I don't see the need to punish anyone with WoD.

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    I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone

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    That would be exactly contra to what they have been doing with levelboost.
    So aside from it beeing a bad idea I can'T possibly see blizzard wanting to do that.
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    WoW isn't set up to support old content in that way, FFXIV actually has daily rewards where you just queue up for "content that is lower level than you" which causes there to always be people available to do said old content with you (and everyone is scaled to approximately the same ilvl, making it not too hard and not faceroll.)

    WoW does not have these features, and as such shoehorning people into old content would just cause problems. So no, you're not going to be forced to do old questlines before new ones.
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