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    Will YOU join the true horde?

    Let's say garrosh doesn't die, he gets exiled to outland or whereever and starts a new faction called the true horde, you get to choose if you want to follow him or stay with the horde. What will you do?

    Personally I like playing the bad boy characters or roles, I want to be hated not being the hero, I think garrosh went too crazy but I still like the guy.

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    I would join Saurfangs band of exiles.

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    There is already a "true horde" faction in Outland. They're called fel orcs, which aren't that different than Garrosh. Maybe he can be the new Kargath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgesh View Post
    I would join Saurfangs band of exiles.
    Saurfang may has a very numerous band of exiles...

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    Dreadlord Coffer's Avatar
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    Absolutely not. I already hate the Mag'har and Garrosh has gone way beyond that, so if anything I'd be first in line to exterminate him.

    shit I forgot I was actually using Chris on here

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    Why? Because the poll is 'stupid'.
    Garosh's Horde isn't the TRUE Horde.

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    More like the false horde betraying there allies and going back to there sinful ways so nope. All Garrosh Loyalist will fall between the actual ''True'' Horde :P

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    I will join the true horde.
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    Absolutely... at least on one toon. My Battlemaster will join him.

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    I like to play the role of the bad guy sometimes, but most of the time i feel bad about doing somethings even in game so i do the good things even if i'm the bad guy XD, and in these case, i hate Garrosh so... no i won't join him, but i would love the idea of having the oportunity to join any of the faction that are around the world (Like the Burning Legion, The Twillight Hammer, etc...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItachiZaku View Post
    Absolutely... at least on one toon. My Battlemaster will join him.
    Well i will also join, at least with one character but just to see what they have new or different

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    What's the point ? He is evil wchich means he will be always beaten by a mary sues. I dont want to join faction with no hope for victory.

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    I wont join them. But keep the mecha-scorpions, they are allowed to stay.

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    Not a chance.

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    Seems like a lame concept for a new faction, but each to their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabrex View Post
    Seems like a lame concept for a new faction, but each to their own.
    it's time for a new faction!

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    The true Horde is in Blackrock

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    I don't see him just being exiled.. he has to be killed.

    so.. "I like turtles."

    even if he is exiled and creates a true horde.. "I like turtles."

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    No thank you. I like my freedom of speech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamental View Post
    it's time for a new faction!
    I hope so!

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    Yeah, I'd totally join the Warcraft I/II Horde. The real Horde. I'd even resubscribe for it.
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