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    What's the point ? He is evil wchich means he will be always beaten by a mary sues. I dont want to join faction with no hope for victory.
    Not so. What you said is true of villains and non player factions, but the Forsaken are most definitely evil, and they have enjoyed numerous victories. I'm a proud member of the Forsaken, and fight to ensure all will bend to the will of our Dark Lady! Now, the thing about the Forsaken is that they are a very grey strain of Evil; they have no problems resorting to chemical warfare or mind control or torture, or even murdering civilians and raising them as undead, but it is to an ironically benign end; the Forsaken just want to be left alone and ensure their survival now that they have exhausted their desire for vengeance. Of course, to this end, they will do anything and everything it takes, and even the Horde is just a pawn to advance that agenda.

    I voted no on the pole, because I'm a loyal follower of Sylvanas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert West View Post
    Yeah, I'd totally join the Warcraft I/II Horde. The real Horde. I'd even resubscribe for it.
    Yeah! I mean, I chose horde because in warcraft RTS horde was all about being the rudes, the badass, right now it doesn't seem so anymore... I liked cataclysm garrosh a lot, always willing to fight alliance and so on, he just went too crazy for mop

    I hope garrosh survives.

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    I must declare that I do indeed like turtles!

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    Yes! Too bad they hate undead, I would have loved to drop a mana bomb on stormwind.

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    No. His Horde is the False Horde. Only a fool would think otherwise.

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    Nope. I'll be a little sad if we don't kill him, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogark View Post
    No. His Horde is the False Horde. Only a fool would think otherwise.
    It doesn't have to be a "good guys horde" I want blood and thunder.

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    I like turtles. And I don't even play a forsaken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Madgod View Post
    No thank you. I like my freedom of speech.
    I like to have the freedom of speech to say I don't want freedom of speech!
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    Quote Originally Posted by apepi View Post
    I like to have the freedom of speech to say I don't want freedom of speech!
    OH NOES!!! Flashback from the X-zibit meme of Mass Effect 3.

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    The only good thing about Garrosh is that because of him ordering the digs in the Vale, we uncovered the Heart of Y'Shaarj! Give me ability to join Cult of Twilight, I want to spend my time yelling gibberish and calling forth the Beings From the Other Side, tentacles, and devote my madness to the Old Gods.

    Or let me embrace my demonic ascension as a warlock.

    Well, or let me be forsaken, which I already am, serving some racist tyrant who despises my kind. That's what I get! Let forsaken show that we are not to looked down to!

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    I probably would join temporarily to fight for Orcish glory, but the moment I see Saurfang i'm gonna snap out of it.

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    I'm pretty sure he isn't going to die. The corruption will be purged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khorine View Post
    There is already a "true horde" faction in Outland. They're called fel orcs, which aren't that different than Garrosh. Maybe he can be the new Kargath.
    He can't be the new Kargath. He doesn't even have a blade for a fist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    I'm pretty sure he isn't going to die. The corruption will be purged.
    I've always fantasized that halfway he will open a portal and he and his Kor'kron will escape to different planets and we will have to hunt him down as a Demon Warlord someday.

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    As a Forsaken, I will stick with Lady Sylvanas. And slay Garrosh happily.

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    The only true Horde I would join is Gul'dan's Horde, but I don't see that making a comeback any time soon.

    If Garrosh were just exiled to Outland I would be the rogue agent who quietly snuffed him out. Not out of spite, just because I don't like loose ends.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    I'm pretty sure he isn't going to die. The corruption will be purged.
    And what would that accomplish? He is willingly allowing himself and his troops to be corrupted. If we cure him he would just call us weak for not finishing him off and would look for a new weapon to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shamental View Post
    it's time for a new faction!
    I am in agreement, just don't see how another faction that is basically just orcs or demented orcs seems like a good one. If anything I think some sort of demonic faction would be the way to go if they made a new one, but only because that is so different from what we currently have.

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    No I wouldn't join garrosh. I would love to see a 3rd faction come in but i think it makes more sense for it to be an undead faction. Horde, Alliance, and Scourge. Perhaps even reorganize it where horde and alliance were 1 faction, and the scourge was the 2nd faction.

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