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    Rethinking gear

    I have lately been thinking alot about the purpos of gear in World of Warcraft and how the different itemlevels fit together. As I see it there are three issues which could be solved to make gearing a lot more fun:

    1 - Itemlevel difference between raid difficulties?
    2 - Use of valor and Justice points?
    3 - Gear from dungeons and scenarios?

    1 - Itemlevel difference between raid difficulties?

    This is an issue which have been discussed all over the forums. How do raidfinder fit with normal and heroic raids? And how do this new flex raid fit?
    First of all I will say that I think the flex raid in 5.4 is a test. Therefore I will assume that in the future flex raiding will not have its own difficulty, but instead all normal raids use the flex tech.

    The idea I have is that the itemlevel gab between raidfinder and normal is quite a bit bigger than between normal and heroic raids. Say, normal raids is 20 itemlevels higher than raidfinder. Then you could have 10-15 difference in itemlevel between normal and heroic raids. The big gab between raidfinder and normal raids mean that as new tiers is released, the new raidfinder can award gear that is 20 itemlevels higher than then previous, without making normal raiders feel like they have to run the new raidfinder.
    Everyone get more powerfull, but less people will feel “forced” to run stuff they dislike.

    2 - Use of valor and Justice points?
    3 - Gear from dungeons and scenarios?

    The problem this expansion has been that Valor is quite easy to get, and that justice points has almost no use. I really like the idea behind the item upgrades, and I think this should be made the main way to use valor/justice. Both valor and justice could be used to upgrade gear by 10 itemlevels. And this would fit well with my idea for dungeons in the future...

    I think that all new dungeons, no matter when they are released, should award BLUE gear. No more epics from dungeons released late in the expansion, like in Cata and Wrath. However, whenever a new dungeon is released, it should award blue gear, which is 10 itemlevels lower that the newest raidfinder. Yes, this means that at some point the new blue gear, will be better than the old epics. However the reason I would like it this way, is that if you dislike raidfinder, but really like dungeons, then your upgraded gear fron dungeons will be as good as gear from the raidfinder which is not upgraded. This would make justice more usefull and make people who prefer dungeons happy, while keeping the usefullnes of valor as it is right now.

    Now, how does scenarios fit into this? Well, this expansion they have really been used a lot of different ways. Im not quite sure how scenarios is gonna fit into all of this, mainly because it seems like Blizzard is neither. Maybe make normal scenarios give gear on par with dungeons, and heroic scenarios give gear on par with raidfinder?

    If all the ideas above become reality, then it would mean that:
    Heroic and normal raids is quite close in itemlevel, and raidfinder and dungeons is quite close in itemlevel.
    With itemupgrades, people can choose to run raidfinder or dungeons, depending on what they like.
    With new dungeons awarding blue gear, justice points will have a use the whole expansion, while still giving people who mainly run dungeons a feeling of growing more powerfull.

    -> Everyone will be able to do what they like.

    Anyhow thats my ideas. Any comments and/or other ideas?

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    What are you trying to do?

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    While I do not doubt you get a lot of posts here that says: Who cares about the colour...
    I actually think its a good idea that you have.

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