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    Quote Originally Posted by Togarox View Post
    Currently I'm stuck at a Change in Command, so I doubt I will get the legendary by the end of the expansion.
    You don't need a very big group to get this one done any longer, if that's any help.

    But this was my problem as well, always playing catch-up.. I had already visited ToT in the LFR quite a lot before even getting to the CoC quest. So after that it was like... 'wait, now I have to go BACK a shitload more times? And then AGAIN for the titan runestones?" 9 wings or so of ToT since then have yielded 7 secrets.

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    before one week i completed all legendary quests...back is already my

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehgypsy View Post
    Quite a few classes can solo this, its easily done with 2 players.. so quite how you are still stuck on this is beyond me.. you did hear about the nerf right??
    I am basically overcome by a lack of giveadamn. And as I said, it's not needed for LFR, so why exactly should I care?

    (More comments on this were on a thread in the DR&S official forum.)

    I think they were intending the legendary quest chain to keep people playing in the last tier, just to finish it. If so, the chain will provide me with great amusement if I decide to unsub after clearing T16 LFR exactly once.
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    my way of thinking is, 'if i get it, i get it & if i dont, whatever'.
    i'm currently 13/20, but its not a big deal if i do or dont.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    This. I put it off due to SSM, and now no one is doing the group quest down in Krasarang. But if you're only doing LFR, it's hardly necessary anyway.

    Overall, the legendary quest chain this expansion has been more annoying than rewarding. I don't think the game would be negatively affected by the elimination of anything "legendary".
    The boss in Krasarang, or at least the horde one I assume the alliance one too, was nerfed considerably in 5.3. Might even be easily soloable now.

    I'm very curious what the final reward will be. People tend to assume it's a weapon, but blizz hasn't actually confirmed that, and even hinted it might not be. Might be those helms afterall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    3/12 runestones.. and its sooooooooooooooooooo slowwww... im seriously starting to doubt that i will get the cloak be4 siege of orgrimmar...
    Haha i get like +4 titan runes a week, guess i'm lucky :3

    OT: Yes, i will finish legendary questline, it's so worth it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Haha i get like +4 titan runes a week, guess i'm lucky :3

    OT: Yes, i will finish legendary questline, it's so worth it!
    Once most of the lfr wins were open, I got the secrets pretty quickly, but I've averaged one titan runestone a week. Most weeks I got exactly one, one week 0 but then 2 the next. Last week I got two probably thanks to lei shen guaranteeing one now. Don't know if it's bad luck on my end or if the drop rate is just that much lower for the runestones. Either way, 1-3 more weeks for me depending on how lucky I get.

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    This is a secret :o
    I made my warlock my main just a month after 5.4, she had 3/6k vp for second part of the quest, now 2-2.5 months later I'm sitting at 10 titan runestones, I was really lucky with them, this is the fourth week and I had 3-3-2-2 and hopefully 2 more on next reset so I will get my cloak right before my sub runs out for summer break :O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Florena View Post
    I'm very curious what the final reward will be. People tend to assume it's a weapon, but blizz hasn't actually confirmed that, and even hinted it might not be. Might be those helms afterall.
    I cant imagine it would be anything other than a weapon.
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    The lamest possible consequence is if they remove the item upgrader NPC again for 5.4, a sizeable number of players will be -8 ilvls on the cloak simply because of RNG. We're not talking people getting on the Titan Runestones portion at the last second either, for example I've been on it for well over a month and I still need 9 lockouts to happen including next week before 5.4 to guarantee completing that portion.

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    If another part is another rng grind then I won't finish it and don't expect to finish it since I will most likely quit after doing the raid once/twice. I'm still at least 6 weeks away from getting the cloak though.

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    I'm not even started with the legendary questline/reputation with wrathion yet. :P

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    Haven't even finished the 3k valor quest yet on my druid and I'm still at sigils on my hunter. Takes far too long /:

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    I am at 8/12 runestones...when I finish it I will stop playing until patch 5.4 hits the live servers.....the runestones is currently the only thing that keeps me playing.

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    I got stuck - its impossible to finish for me

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    Just my main. I have so given up on alts. Too much.

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    I've got 9/12 Runestones at the moment, with any luck i'll get the last three I need this week. If not, it'll just be 3 weeks, i'll definitely get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    I'm pretty sure I've thrown in the towel on it, at 7/20 secrets of the empire, and absolutely no desire to re-visit ToT again. To be fair, I took a break from this expansion, which not only put me in catch-up mode with the quest, but I also did a lot of it in a very inefficient manner.

    What about you?
    finished the coak on my hunter all my ohter toons including my main has between 4 and 9 runestones

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    Sitting at 17/20 Secrets. Not looking forward to the Runestone grind when I get to that step. ToT is so boring.

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    I'm stuck at that solo scenario at the thunder forge, and seeing what the rest is... i ran out of giveatoss TBH, farming up 12 runestones in ToT (A place i'm pretty tired of already), i only do LFR anyway, so i don't need the rewards anyway...

    The only alt i did any part of the quest on dropped it at "Farm 3K valor", nothing in the questline is legendary by any stretch TBH, just a lot of farming, and i did plenty of that already.

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