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    Question How does MMO Champ Data mine anyways?

    Its question thats been burning my mind and wanted to ask
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    Hahaha this is funny.

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    If they would tell, there wouldnt be much left of mmochamp i guess.

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    It's not exactly rocket science.

    Look at the bottom of the page, see the giant "Curse" logo?

    Curse Client > Tools > Options > Plugins > "WoWDB Profiler."


    "736,741 Total Downloads"

    If instead of data mining you meant "how do they get so much data from the PTR" -> they extract the new .MPQ files and parse the data in them.
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    Its question thats been burning my mind and wanted to ask
    Nothing too fancy...
    I guess they have a software that allows them to read most of the files that are contained in .mpq database

    WoW Model Viewer for instance allows you to freely go from one patch file to another... extracting files, models, skins, so on and so forth!
    Woop Woop Woop...

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    mpq is just blizzard archive file format like zip, you can open it like any archive and look throught the files, find what's new and you have it.

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    The actual data mining process is well known, what sets mmo apart is how well they can data mine and at the speed they can do it. I can't recall if that's due to some piece of third party software they've created or the man hours they put in, or more likely a combination of both, but anyone can do it to some degree.
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    Blizzard leaks data to MMO champion to create hype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spakurd View Post
    If they would tell, there wouldnt be much left of mmochamp i guess.
    Why did you just copy paste another post? did you think noone would notice? lol
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