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    Post your top 10 most played games on Steam!

    Post your top 10 most played games on Steam, a bit of fun

    If you're not sure how to bring up the list - go to Profile, on the right side click on Games, and finally click the "All Games" tab at the top and sort by Playtime if not already.

    Here's mine:

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    Only got 2 :& Torchlight 2 and Sleeping dogs. some 75 hours and Sleeping dogs about 40. Im so booring when it comes to games I guess, very rare any games catches my interest.
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    Skyrim at 173 hours
    New Vegas at 33 hours
    Morrowind at 18 hours
    Chivalry at 17 hours
    Fallout 3 at 16 hours

    Nothing Below that matters, but I think Skyrim has more time that all my other games together.
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    The Sims 3 was my wife....I tried it but couldn't get past Character creation.
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    Kerbal space program, warframe and wargame: airland battle are the only ones I still play.
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    Harry Botter, you've got some impressive hours there! We've played almost exactly the same for Borderlands 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatie12 View Post
    Harry Botter, you've got some impressive hours there! We've played almost exactly the same for Borderlands 2
    Some would be a lot more but I lost internet for about 4-5 months and it doesn't count offline hours.

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    Here we go

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    Some would be a lot more but I lost internet for about 4-5 months and it doesn't count offline hours.
    What's sadder. Is I have over 240 games on Steam and a lot have 1-10 hours played. There used to be a website hat kept track of it but it is being retooled atm. and I believe I have something like 1800+ total played hours when you include offline as well.

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    Just listing (yes, I'm a lazy person):
    Civilization V - 400
    Skyrim - 192
    Heroes VI - 172
    Spellforce - 126
    Heroes V - 88
    Heroes V - Tribes of the East - 64
    Spellforce 2 - 60
    Galactic Civilizations II - 47
    Dungeon Siege - 30
    Plants vs Zombies - 26

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    The only game that I play alot on steam is Dota2 and I have 687 hours played.

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    325 Skyrim hours.. Not bad

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    Mount & Blade: Warband
    236.4 hrs on record

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    186.0 hrs on record

    Mass Effect 2
    166.6 hrs on record

    154.0 hrs on record

    Tropico 4
    141.7 hrs on record

    125.2 hrs on record

    Mass Effect
    122.5 hrs on record

    Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition
    106.6 hrs on record

    Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
    105.8 hrs on record

    Fallout: New Vegas
    104.7 hrs on record

    And yes, if I combined playtime with both versions of Blood Bowl I have that would be 212.4 hours, putting it in second place.

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    Mine: Top would probably be Skyrim but I have at least 100+ hours played offline that aren't counted.

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    89.2 hrs on record

    87.9 hrs on record

    Realm of the Mad God (why did I play this one so much, why .... ?)
    37.8 hrs on record

    33.6 hrs on record

    32.5 hrs on record

    Waking Mars
    29.3 hrs on record

    20.3 hrs on record

    Greed Corp
    19.5 hrs on record

    19.2 hrs on record

    18.4 hrs on record

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    1 Skyrim 528 hours :/ odear thats quite alot

    2 Team Fortress 2 157 hours

    3 Civilisation 4 BTS 133 Hours

    4 Tropico 4 117 hours pretty suprising too

    5 Dragon Age: Origins 116 hours

    6 Fallout New Vegas 114 hours

    7 Torchlight 103 Hours

    8 FTL 98 Hours Have only beaten the the final boss in normal once too, stopped playing then

    9 Dark Souls 97 Hours

    10 Witcher 2 96 hours

    Good job I don't have eve on steam really, that would be a frankly embarrassing amount of hours if my time on skyrim wasn't embarrassing enough.
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    "Loss of blood... My only weakness!"
    ~ Warlord Khan, Magicka

    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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    Oh god, This dose not do me and justice as a gamer! haha
    Day of Defeat was one of the first FPS I played online on PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwaite View Post
    Please not another legion/demon/green fire xpac yet

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