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    [RET] How do you guys track INQUISITON?

    I've been using Need to Know for a long time.
    But do any of you guys have any other ways
    that you like more?

    I've been thinking about trying WeakAuras recently.

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    I use NeedToKnow myself but just as easily done with Weak Auras. I just prefer the decreasing bar to an icon with a timer for something that's up constantly. Takes up less room.

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    Power Auras Classic, WeakAuras, Debuff Filter, Satrina Buff Frames, Raven etc etc etc. Basically any ability tracking addon, each with more or less customizable options.

    EDIT: oh, it was a more of a promo video post, in fact..

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    WeakAuras, just an icon with the timer on it, and when it isn't on (in combat only) it keep's jumping and bouncing in it's place to remind me even more, find it really useful when u're under pressure or in pve situations where u just daze off ;p

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    Icehud, to track it and remind me to refresh it. i haven't tested Weakauras at all but I will prob test it at one point.

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    I use WeakAuras for tracking buffs

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    I track it by looking on the buff timer too.
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    Weak Auras.

    Really, anything will work, just make sure it's in a convenient place.

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    Power Auras, the new version. Some reason when I google Power Auras I only find classic or v4. V5 is what I believe I use, and can't find it anywhere.

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    I use clcret, but now i rarely need to look at it at all because everything's so familiar to me. I just put it to the side and when i see inq icon pop up ill refresh it, but other then that.
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    Weak Aura and its positioned right next to my toon.
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    i use weak auras, i have a lovely ashbringer icon (from one of the built in WoW procs) that i use as a timer bar. turns red when i have about 3 sec left of inq.

    weak auras ftw!
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    i use weak auras, i have a lovely ashbringer icon (from one of the built in WoW procs) that i use as a timer bar. turns red when i have about 3 sec left of inq.

    weak auras ftw!
    I have something similar, instead when it reaches <10 it will make place for the Corrupted Ashbringer
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    TellMeWhen. I love it so much.

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    Using ShestakUI and the location it has my temporary buffs I am able to just look at as the fight goes without any problem.

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    I use Weak Auras for Inquisition, Sacred Shield, Weakened Blows with an aura defined for each. In the case of each one if there are less than 5 seconds left for the given buff (or debuff on my target) I have it put up the word for that buff. It's easier for me to read than to look at a picture and remember what that picture means. I use 5 seconds because it gives me at least two globals to find a good spot in my rotation to reapply the buff/debuff.

    For example:
    When Inquisition has 5 second left or is missing and I'm in combat the word "Inquisition" appears on my screen.
    For Weakened Blows I do the same thing but I display the word "Weaken".

    I display these words slightly below my character to keep my eyes at the center of the my screen for vital information.

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    ClassTimer works perfect for most of the tracking i need .

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    I use a simple Weak Aura tracker.
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