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    Beware, blizzard banning for farming

    So I got banned permanently yesterday for the "bot" reason. So, since I wasn't botting, I of course filed an appeal which was subsequently denied, filed another one, got denied again and then filed with a supervisor who also denied restoring my account saying that they "saw" me using a bot.

    I was farming for the blacksmithing catch up quest because I didn't want to spend the approximately 60k gold it would have taken to complete it via the AH. So hours of sitting in front of a computer playing this game legitimately is apparently cause for immediate and permanent ban. GG blizzard you just lost a customer to your bullshit because I'm not buying this game again only to get banned for playing.

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    25,154 posted this here because? Secondly, you didn't really prove you are *innocent* either.
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    Threads like this come up all the time. There's something you're not telling us.

    Keep appealing, or good riddance to a botter.
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    To me, sounds like there is more to this story than you are saying.

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    If what you say is true, I find it incredibly ironic considering actual bots don't get banned as frequently as people who "were just farming".

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    Anyway, I'd check to make sure you weren't hacked. Comp scan, password reset, secret question reset if you can and then go for the "I was hacked if you saw me botting" defense.

    Fnatic pls

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    Everytime we see something like this there always something missing.

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    I doubt you got banned for farming; I just farmed up a little over 300 Ghost Iron Ore yesterday myself quite quickly on a level 88 to divvy up between my BS and my transmute master... ban. I suspect you really were botting.

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    Sounds like you were moving like a bot and people reported you a GM was called in and catch you in the act and there info/data showed a clear Bot to them, and they turned down your appeal and denied restoring the account. Sorry man end of story your toons days are over and no one here can help you! The Account is gone whatever you did look like a issue to Blizzard we don't have the data Blizzard got on you and we know they are really careful at banning people.

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    Why do people who BOT try to justify it to themselves after being banned by lying to themselves and others?
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    No you are not innocent. No one here is innocent.
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    Some pieces is missing in this puzzle. You wouldn't get banned for farming just like that, unless you were botting (Quite easy to see a pattern). But if you filled a correct appeal, then they would fix it if all pieces were on the table. A perma-ban is quite a high thing, they wouldn't do it unless it's really needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    No you are not innocent. No one here is innocent.
    How dare you spread the truth.
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    First of all even if you were botting you wouldn't get perma banned for the first offense.
    So tell us the real story bro. NON SINE DIIS ANIMOSUS INFANS
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    Dear Botter,

    Did you know every inmate in prison is innocent too!
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    I farm heavily, on high pop us servers cause I gate paying for mats if I can do it myself. I filled my entire bank and bags and was never banned. just cause you're at your computer the whole time doesnt mean you're not ot running a bot. if they caught you, can't really blame them

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    Bot less win more, Just like listening to the folks in prison 99% of them say they are innocent. you believe them as well? Good job on Blizzards part to catch the folks that cheat and use bots

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    For blizzard to ban someone for botting and then denying their appeals it takes a lot of "effort". Enjoy your ban bot!

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    Aka "I'm not going to show my innocence or anything like that, therefore I will come to MMO Champ and blame Blizzard for my faults like most of my generation does."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I doubt you got banned for farming; I just farmed up a little over 300 Ghost Iron Ore yesterday myself quite quickly on a level 88 to divvy up between my BS and my transmute master... ban. I suspect you really were botting.

    I have never seen a ban in 9 years of playing and i farm the living hell out of ore and herbs sometimes. And with the rampant bots still out there i am 100% sure they have a truckload of evidence before they take the hammer and hit the ban nail on the botter.

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    I was farming at lion's landing for almost good 5 hours, Hell it's the only place i know to get woolcloth for my tailoring profession. Yes, a gm actually whispered me and thought i was a botting farming.

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