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    Like many people have said, WoW will always hold a special place in my heart. I didn't start playing until Wrath came out, I resisted the urge to come to WoW for as long as I could because everyone told me how addicting it was. I started out with an Undead Warlock, and to me the world was so big, the immersion was deeper than any game I had ever played.

    I remember playing through the 1-60 content, at the time not even realizing that the game was even broken down into expansions, sure I bought them, but once in the game I was just lost in the world itself. Around the time I hit level 60 I had heard about this quest to get my Dreadsteed, and I was mesmerized by it, then I found out I could just pay for it, but I was already immersed into this game so much where the only option to me was the quest, plus it was cheaper! Haha. I searched Orgrimmar and finally found another Warlock who had the items to summon the boss, got a small group together and went into Dire Maul, after what was the most amazing thing I had seen in the game to date, I had my Dreadsteed mount and I was the happiest Warlock this side of Tirisfal!

    I eventually made it to level 80, and the same Warlock who helped me with my Dreadsteed quest invited me to her raiding guild. I had no idea what raiding was yet, but they showed me, helped me to gear up with crafted gear, running heroic dungeons, helping me play my class. I leveled Demonology, and at the time had no interest in playing anything else, the Felguard was my bro and there was no separating us. But alas, I was talked into switching to Destruction, and I hated it at first.

    The more I played, the more I did these heroic dungeons, and then got into the expansive raids, the Lich King taunting me all the way, I was excited, I had never been so excited in my life to put that guy down when the time came. I took everything my friends taught me and I applied it, and I became a pretty good Warlock, earning myself some top spots in raiding, always competing with the 4-5 other Warlocks in our guild, it was healthy competition, we all stuck together, there was no elitism. I FELT like a Warlock, like we were this dark cult inside our guild who relied on each other for more and more power.

    And that brings me to my number one reason why I don't play anymore.


    It's just not there anymore. The story-telling isn't bad, but it's not like it used to be. Maybe it's nostalgia, but I just didn't feel like Cataclysm, or even MoP delivered their story half as well as Wrath delivered the Lich King story. I felt like a Warlock, I felt like this guy was coming after me, testing me, and that I was growing in power as the expansion went on. I felt like I was part of the story. The world felt so alive, especially when you could see the Lich King's reach in multiple dungeons that you ran almost dailiy.

    In the beginning of Wrath you didn't see nearly every dungeon on a daily basis, you still had to put groups together and then fly to the entrance. I didn't care though, I loved my magic carpet from tailoring! People would tell me about attunements from Classic and BC, and it made me want to do them, and I was lucky enough to get to do a lot of them before they were removed. Granted I was 80, but it was fun seeing the story from expansion past, getting to be as much apart of it as a I could at that point. Learning how to solo lower level raids and whatnot as a Warlock was a very welcome challenge.

    LFG came and provided a huge convenience, even I loved at it first, but then I realized, LFG is what as killing the immersion for me. Of course at the time, it wasn't too bad, my server wasn't large, and I had gotten to know a lot of people on it, and a lot of times finding a group or half a group in trade chat, and then queuing helped alleviate that.

    I ended up shelving my Warlock for a Death Knight during ICC because my guild's OT went AWOL. Learning to tank was fun, and I enjoyed Death Knight tanking specifically, but through Cata and MoP the game just lost it's appeal to me. It suddenly became more about loot and min/maxing for me, and less about feeling like I was a part of this huge world and enacting meaningful changes through raiding to this world.

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    The game, as it is in it's current state, is a weekly chore / job. Cap PvE(P) points, do daily's, run LFR or any other 10/25 content, sell some stuff on AH, kill world bosses for mounts that pretty much are there just to keep people killing them, etc.

    Besides that, giving legendary s to everyone like candy is a wrong direction (imo) and switching to a lousy cape as a reward it's even worse. The 2nd or 3rd revamp of the talent system was unnecessary and absurd since now you only feel you character is growing once in 15 levels as opposed to 1-3 levels. PvP/PvE is a mess since every month (give or take) classes get nerfed/buffed/nerfed/buffed in a endless cycle, and like a poster above said, these need to be separated to be effective.

    The loss of realm individualism and personality was lost with CRZ even after the community expressed their opinions, as it's doing right now regarding the cash shop. As you can see, no response has been given by Blizzzard after the 225 pages on the main thread and countless other threads on this subject; and yet they decided to implement these helms at obnoxious prices - obviously because they listen to our 'feedback'. More will come in a future, with more 'convenience' oriented items.

    And last but not least there is the player's fatigue syndrome. After four two-year cycles where my character's progress is effectively nullified and I am forced to grind another five or ten levels to make the game 'begin' again, it feels disillusioning to want to play it again, especially when you realize that after getting BiS in a raid/pvp tier, that gear becomes obsolete after some time and the cycle begins again, offering the player this illusion of power by, in a way, obligate them to continue farming and grinding to be competitive be it in PvP or PvE.

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    1. Play time over 400 days, playing since early vanilla. Weather I want to deney that as the biggest reason, and the only, its defiantly a big one.

    2. Game lost its uniqueness. Been there done that, feal to anything I do. Im not amased anymore, everything feels like....meh.

    3. Hoping to get the fealing back from what I had inn vanilla/TBC. Chasing the moment that never comes.

    4. Fealing like Ive accomplished all inn the game. Yes you can't complete wow, but having lvl'd all classes, had a huge ammount off achivements, tried world ranked raiding very shortly, and inn general raiding inn lower ranks for very long, somewhat big AH player, big collector off everything (Such as one of the best LW recipe collection inn the world, prio to MOP - Had nearly all recipes and let me tell you that aint easy)...

    Basicly been there done that.

    5. Friends don't play anymore. Fealing abit lonely, social aspect is down. Could join a new guild and give that a chance, but the only reason atm for me to play wow again is to raid the useal 4-5 hours 3-5 times a week, but I'm not a raid logger. If I don't enjoy wow outside off raiding, I just can't get the fun feal.

    6. Being sad about the game inn its current state. Just wishing I could exsperience the magic again off vanilla/TBC....sigh
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coombs View Post
    When you define it as loosely as you do of course it fits into your definition. Don't be fucking coy. It had strong MMO elements upon release that it kept for 3-4 years before it started changing how the game functioned as a whole.
    MMORPG is a very lose definition. I understand people don't like that WoW isn't Vanilla/TBC anymore but the changes that happened have nothing to do with it being MMORPG or not.

    MMOPRG is not some imaginary model people hold on to from their first experience with the gerne. It's Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game and WoW in all it's expantion fits that definition. The only strong elements of the term is:
    - a lot of people playing together online
    - controlling a character that grows in strenght while completing certain tasks within the game
    - everything is located in an imaginary world
    If those factors exist in a game it is an MMORPG regardless if you like it's details or not.

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    Two things drive me away from WoW, or at least burn me out.

    1) The incompetence in LFR. When something is new it is somewhat forgivable, but when content has been out for weeks and then months, but players still don't know what to do right, then it is f-ing frustrating.

    2) Boredom. Mostly out of reaching a certain point (ie. doing all you can pre-5.4, like me) and then feeling like there is nothing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adieu View Post
    Why would you be on these forums if you quit wow ?
    Please tell me you're not serious, a lot of people (me included) still browse MMO-Champion for patch notes etc. to see what's changing, it might change your interest in WoW and might make you consider re-subbing.

    That's the only reason I bother browsing MMO-Champion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Etrigan View Post
    The splitting up of my guild. Couldn't be bothered to find another raiding guild.
    Same for me, and dailys, god i hate dailys
    C'était mieux demain !

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    Quote Originally Posted by yunito View Post
    vanilla mmo. player every where doing Group quest. Group quest req 3-5 player killing Elite. Group Quest where u can't just solo the guy with a golden dragon or else you get pwned. where you see player in /1 general asking for help or LFM doing certain quest in that zone and not the /insert anal,chuck norris joke with murlocks movie title...

    removing elites monster and removing Group quest was a downfall to grouping up with stranger of your own realm.
    You mean those quests everyone ignored because they were more hassle than the reward they gave? After the first wave of people leveled their toons to max on particular server, leveling was pretty lonely experience before LFD was introduced and brought back a reason to group with anyone during leveling process.

    now a day wow has little mmo action going on. they trying to bring it back with there new (well gw2) dynamic events.close u get now a day are the world boss. were i am glad they brought them back, while it suck to get a group on low/dead realms.
    And this actually makes sense because group activity should exist in places where most players always are (max level) and give really good rewards. Isle or Barrens bosses killing feels much better as a group activity that looking for people for hours to kill some elites while leveling instead of actually leveling.

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    @ Lilija

    Please leave this thread... there is no point for u to try to question the reasons people quit. They quit and theyre posting here to tell us why. Every post is valuable so please lets not see any abuse aimed at anyone who wants to post on this thread...

    This is not a thread of opinion, this is a thread of real events.

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    Corporate greed aka Milking the customer with the same old 'carrot on a stick' bullshit over and over and over while throwing everything else out the window.

    WoW was great when it was more than just another tool to kill boredom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adieu View Post
    Why would you be on these forums if you quit wow ?
    To haunt people to quit playing the game. We've actually got a scoreboard for that stuff, the best score every month wins a prize.
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    - Boredom from just playing for so many years. Even though I have a lot of 90s I can't stand doing the same monotonous BS anymore on more than 1 character.
    - Lack of care from blizz. It's obvious they've become a money machine with 0 care about its player's wants or desires. I hate GC
    - 0 community in game. With the instant button gratifications, there's no point for anyone to be social. I seriously haven't made a friend since TBC. Guilds aren't even social anymore. That's going to seem like a 'personal' issue but as far as I can tell that's how it is for most people now.
    - PVP fucking ridiculous. As a casual my greatest fun in the game used to be doing pvp. The amount of CC, godly healers, and who can lock you down the most is all pvp is about now
    - Stupid changes. I didn't like the direction the game went but was still a subscriber trying to deal with the bad not outweighing the good. Now wow is a former shell of itself

    My sub recently ran out and I'm not coming back until next patch, maybe even longer since it doesn't seem like a great patch.

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    1. The subscription cost. Simply put, many other games are just as good or better, and don't require a subscription. It's not worth it, especially considering all the extra things that have to be paid for when they should be included in the sub.

    2. The community. It's full of whiny brats, immature trolls, and jackasses. I don't have even the slightest desire to speak to any of these kinds of people, but it's kind of required at times. But to be fair, it's like this everywhere. Other genres don't require quite so much player interaction, so they're better for me in that regard. But really, even though it's like this everywhere to some degree, this game still has one of the worst communities.

    3. The auction house. I was going to say the dead server situation here, which leads to insane auction prices, but honestly I think I'd be annoyed by it even if I was on a healthy server. Player controlled economy just ticks me off, mostly because of the people who buy stuff out and sell it for higher prices instead of letting someone who actually needs it get it for the more fair price. I still don't understand how that isn't considered grieving, or exploiting, or ruining player experience, but whatever.

    4. Class balance. There's not much to say here, it's a joke, and gets worse every expansion. I play to fight other players, and it's just not fun anymore. Healers are way too effective, there's too much crowd control, the ever changing balance that never really improves gets old, and so on. I'm a competitive player, and this just isn't the genre for competition.

    5. The grinds. I'm sick of having to spend eternity leveling just to get to end game, I'm sick of having to spend eternity gearing up before I can actually have fun, and I'm sick of having to farm gold to afford the ridiculously priced gems and enchants each season.

    6. The expansion trend. By this, I'm referring to the fact that I think every expansion has been inferior as an overall package to the one before it. It's hard to want to keep playing when every time things change in a major way, it's for the worse. And no, raid finder and things like that aren't the reason for me, I don't mind them.

    7. Time spent playing. This one kind of blankets the rest, but it's still worth mentioning. I've played this game for many years now, and even if it was just as good as I once felt it was, I'd probably still be getting bored with it after this much time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    This is a thread for the unsubbed, is there any point making a post just to throw abuse at 1 poster?
    So if you see someone promoting rasism you won't express your unappreciation? Promoting any kind of hate is one of the worse things ever and deserves to be looked down upon. Also, it isn't untrue that people who promote hate in the internet are emotionally immature since they express behaviour typical for teenagers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilija View Post
    So if you see someone promoting rasism you won't express your unappreciation? Promoting any kind of hate is one of the worse things ever and deserves to be looked down upon. Also, it isn't untrue that people who promote hate in the internet are emotionally immature since they express behaviour typical for teenagers.
    you would compare people complaining about a game with racism? i think you need to get out and get some perspective, because you have a seriously warped view of things.
    When challenging a Kzin, a simple scream of rage is sufficient. You scream and you leap.

    Over the last 10 years, Blizzard has taken over $10bn from MMO players. Take a look around your you see $10bn worth of content available to you? Do you see even a tiny fraction of that in relevant content? Now ask me again why I dislike what Blizzard has done to the MMO industry.

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    I love her to death, but my fiance was probably 60% of the reason. The other 40% was real-life commitments and work and whatnot, but in the 2 years leading up to when her and I first got together I could make raiding on a schedule work.

    Do I miss progression raiding? Kind of, being one of the first to do something was always a cool experience.
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    The extremely poor character models. Will come back once they finally get updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    @ Lilija

    Please leave this thread... there is no point for u to try to question the reasons people quit. They quit and theyre posting here to tell us why. Every post is valuable so please lets not see any abuse aimed at anyone who wants to post on this thread...

    This is not a thread of opinion, this is a thread of real events.
    The problem is that people don't present real events. They present their oppinion on the game as the reason of why they quit with arguments that are false or have nothing to do with reality. If someone says that they quit because they don't like the game anymore there is nothing to discuss. But when people say that WoW is not an MMORPG anymore, they spread an illogical statement coming from them not understanding the meaning of words they are using.

    There are many valuable posts in this thread - but not all of them. Some of them are just whine at the game based on false statements.

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    I started playing WoW december 2005, and I stopped around april 2012.

    I've pretty much cleared everything ingame (except for naxxramas 40, since I was too slow on getting rep).
    The feel was simply different. Or rather, the people and mindset was different.

    When Blizzard made wow for "everyone", something went wrong, and the game wasn't as enjoyable as before, in my opinion. If you inspected people in both Vanilla and TBC, you'd think "damn, that's a badass". He'd be "proud", you'd be astonished, simple. Later, people weren't amazed, just jealous, and required Blizzard to give everyone the same gear.
    They implemented heroic versions of raids, 10 and 25man difficulties, thinking that would satisfy people, since then "everyone got to see content". It was never about seeing content, since after a short period of time, people started whining they wanted to "see" heroic content too (in other words, get phat loot, fancy then rare mounts and so on), and everything got nerfed to the ground.

    Why is this bad, in my opinion? Because even if the world's top 3 guilds have cleared the content on heroic, maybe I too want to. Our offtank suddenly stopped logging in the middle of our ragnaros hc progress, and rather being a fight against its mechanics, it was a fight against time. We really enjoyed the fight in its glory, non-nerfed, but we had to get a new tank, before the nerfs, and it took time. Normals, go ahead, share it with everyone, but leave heroics to the people who want a challenge, even if it's "late".
    sidenote: we got server first Ragnaros 10hc, but it was a pain thinking "it'll get nerfed next week, hurry!".

    In Cataclysm, I didn't think of people in LFG or LFR as real people behind the screen anymore. Half of my friends list was from Vanilla and TBC, not only guild mates, but randoms which you met through leveling, doing dungeons and such. Reputation simply meant nothing anymore. We had a guy in MC who ninjad some epic, and that guy couldn't find a new guild. WoTLK and CATA? Ninjaing, assholeing, douchebaggery? In your face, all the time.

    Call it nostalgia. I don't play this game anymore, because it's simply not as good and the community has become worthless.

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    Casualism during Wrath, Cata, MOP
    Healer imbalance during Cata
    De-warcraftization (pandas, china) during MOP
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