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    lackof immersion mostly. the world feels so static nowadays.. hardly any elites around the world, no proper day and night cycle, no weather, no sense of exploring thanks to stupid flying mounts, raids have lost their epic feeling thanks to lfr, dungeons too cuz they are so piss easy, gear is totally irrelevant, there are too little epic quest lines (quests in general are way too short, I'd prefer less quests but longer ones)
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    I just don't have the time to play nowadays.

    I would still gladly log in every few weeks, but I don't feel like paying the sub just for so little playtime.
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    WoW became way too repetitive
    Playing PS3 games alot now and checking MMO champ daily to read where the story is headed

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    Last time I quit was because there was no carrot to keep me playing anymore. I got full PVP gear and then the game was over, nothing more to do once I had all my gear. Would love for them to give back rating requirement for PVP(Arena) gear so that I always have something to strive for and a reason to improve my play. Aiming for gladiator is just delusional and not really a proper goal for 95% of the player base
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    I started mid vanilla and quit in the beginning of mop(with some pauses of some months here and there). I guess I just drifted away from it after all these years?

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    My old job pretty much consumed my life, so I played less then.
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    blizzards decisions over the last 3 years

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    Only time I took a break was during the ToC Tier. If you could call it a Tier that is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umchilli View Post
    This is a thread for those people who quit WoW but still browse mmo-champ and check for news about it, such as myself.
    The more interessting question is when you have "left" wow as you "claim" then why are you still on mmoc?
    Thats like stop playing football with your team but still go to the trainings....

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    old mechanics, Blizzard, no decent patches and i don't see anything in wow anymore to make it work to pay sub when there is f2p games doing everything blizzard does and more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    The more interessting question is when you have "left" wow as you "claim" then why are you still on mmoc?
    Thats like stop playing football with your team but still go to the trainings....
    I was like you, only in wow forum on mmo-champion. But in cata when the blues were few, I discovered the subforums about other games on this site... and you know what? They are very good. I suggest you check them out, so you get a better understanding that mmo-champ forum is more then just wow... am I right? I dont blame you, it's easy to miss out when all you play is wow.
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    *Class "homogenization"

    *Lore raping (Tauren Paladins, NE Mages and Undead Hunters)



    To be honest I really try to make a comeback but any time I remember that I'd pass near a NE Mage or a Holy Cow or worse a panda while questing, I decide not to.

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    Reasons for quitting:
    5.3 underwhelming.
    Raid group fell apart.
    LFR is painful.
    Will be investing in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn when it releases and can't really afford two subscriptions per month.

    Things that MAY convince me to return:
    5.4 and SoO look pretty good so far.
    Flex raiding could be a nice alternative to LFR that can be trade pugged.
    The next expansion depending on how good it looks and what it's about.

    I don't hate WoW, it's just getting sort of stale and I may return at some point. In the meantime, there's FFXIV:ARR which is looking to be pretty awesome!

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    Too gamey and homogenized. All classes must do the same dps. All gear must have primary stat + stamina and then two secondary stats. Warriors must wear plate. I enjoyed WOW as an MMORPG, playing a character in a persistent world, that is no longer the focus of the game. The cata revamp also destroyed much of what I liked about the 1-60 levelling.

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    1. Continuous devaluing of in game achievements (and with this I do not mean the ingame achievement system, I mean this: I got a cool title while it was relevant and now everyone and their mother can get it.)

    2. The destruction of server communities brought on by the LFG system

    3. Pandering to entitled bad players and nerfing content

    4. LFR

    5. In game real money shop with items that give you an edge over others

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    Think I've posted before inn here but;

    1. No carrot to chase. Feels like I've done everything the game has to offer, from decent/average/casual raiding for many years, to collecting pretty much everything.

    2. Many bad game designs such as a drop down menu instead off actual content (Get ride off raiding modes)

    3. Inn general being bored, and not having a goal with the game.

    4. Would I love to play and enjoy the game as much as I did back inn say 2005-2009? Yes, it would be more than fantastic. But until Blizzard leans......
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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    The community pretty much drove me away.

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    I am still subbed but this expansion will be the last for me. It will not matter how great or bad the next expansion is. Many friends left the game already, my server gets smaller everyday and after so much years, the game just get boring, there were fun times but everything hast to come to an end. Its funny but it took me 2 boring expansions to get over the game.

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    The argent tourney: Releasing an entire raid with limited original graphical assets was a poor plan after Ulduar; and all those dailies were ominous.
    Mastery and forced final tier speccing: These two thing at the beginning of Cataclysm encourage me to wait and see rather than resub. They over limited player diversity.
    The Cash shop: As a potentially returning player, seeing things I would pursue in game only attainable through real cash set a final objective that didn't require playing.
    Cataclysm seemed fun, but by the time I had time to play it LFR was introduced. I saw the last bit of Cata story on a week of free time. Story and art assets are my carrot, and I got the carrot.
    Pandaria didn't appeal to me, and dailies were so much a part of the process that I was sick of them during beta testing. Also, very few, very short five man dungeons didn't work out. Then there's the Pandaria story of fighting against the physical manifestation of bad feelings which reminded me of Carebears a bit too much. The talent trees of course are the expected result of the mastery and forced speccing from pre-cataclysm. I could really harp on Pandaria for awhile, but to be fair it had to be pretty amazing to draw me back at this point.

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