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    OP you cannot be Champion of Zandalari without having their best mount which is Amani War Bear.Just sayin.
    Thats a zul' aman mount..
    I'm just here for all the zul' gurub ones

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    That won't happen, as a matter of fact if you hold either the new panther/raptor or old panther/raptor you should get a feat period. Not all 4. That way, everyone has a chance to get it and there wont be any "special snowflake" arguments to be had. some old school CM fun
    "Your lights will go out. The darkness will envelop you. And you will fear the shadows that move within it."

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    I farmed for both for a long time and never had any luck either. It was lame.

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    Got the raptor in the 3rd run, never seen the panthar ;D

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