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    Deaths Advance

    10% permanent movement increase with nothing slowing me below 70% of normal movement speed, sweet!

    also comes with an on use 30% movement speed increase

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    Fireball, it's like firebending but wait I already know that sooo I'd say stealth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lopk View Post
    That mage ability (name slips me) where you go back in time.

    Say the wrong thing? go back! About to get hit by a car? go back (assuming you've got the reflexes )! Ate something so delicious you want to eat it again (apparently this is the story for the plants vs. zombies 2 game)? go back!
    Bet it all on 36 red and it was 15 black? Go back!
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    Bubble, for sure
    Monk, I need a monk!!!

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    Raise Ghoul. I want a minion to do tedious stuff for me.

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    But stealth is also tempting... Extremly tempting, creepy tho... but soo worth it

    Changed my mind... DOMINATE MIND!!!!
    JESUS, that would be.... "funkeeey"
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    Draenei racial, the hidden one that makes them immortal:P

    But if I could only pick active abilities, I think either heal or remove disease. I could make so much money with that and as an added bonus, I could cure myself or anyone close to from all diseases in a heartbeat.

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    Depending on the IRL cooldown, I'd almost certainly say Reincarnation.
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    Death coil, flying skulls of death, why not ? maybe an outbreak+pestilence combo
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    Hard call between Reincarnation, Soulstone and Divine Shield.. all have their ups and downs.

    Edit: Reincarnation probably assuming there's no automatic release spirit in real world after certain time.
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    Cast Living bomb to all the bitch's i hate

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    The Warlock's ability to transform into a demon. Do I really need to explain why?
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    Army of the Dead! (Hope it would be permanent IRL) if not then Raise Dead for a perma Ghoul pet

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    Heroic Strike is clearly superior to all of your petty magics.

    In all seriousness, what about the passive spell all players seem to inherently have that allows them to run back after they die? Doesn't even have a cooldown or anything (unless you somehow die once every 2 minutes and start getting rez timers)

    If that isn't a viable option, then I'd just go ahead and say Mind Vision. Just stand back, act as if you're casually reading or something, and stalk people from miles away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Backlashe View Post
    As for me, the best spell to have would be "stealth".
    Same here!

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    As a mage with no alts anywhere near maxlvl because I cant locate my Teleport/Portal spells in my alts spellbook and ragequits shortly after, Im gonna have to go with Teleport/Portal IRL aswell. Need a vacation? Poff done.

    2nd on list would be stealth probably, for obvious creepy reasons.

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    It would probably be shadow Bolt.

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    Im going to lump spells up and say teleport.
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    Guess I'm the only person who wants to Conjure Mana Cakes at will

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbeth View Post
    But if I could only pick active abilities, I think either heal or remove disease. I could make so much money with that and as an added bonus, I could cure myself or anyone close to from all diseases in a heartbeat.
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