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    Can't leave my feedback for him on youtube, so I'll leave it here:

    Talent point every level feedback: Acknowledged by dev already
    World PVP zones (Wintergrasp/Tol Barad) feedback: WG was SotA, TB was AB, so you like SotA more than AP, doesn't mean TB was bad. opinion =/= fact.
    Team Deathmatch feedback: Suggestion forums
    Cata Zones: Nostalgia? k ¯\(o_0)/¯ "QQ the zones I never went to are different."

    Dailies feedback: Didn't think Crendor was so stupid that he would pull the "mandatory" card. "Dailies should be maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't." That's what they are no. Dailies for rep is BC, not new to MoP. Battlefield Barrens is that new innovation, guess you're too stupid to know that.
    LFG feedback: I don't want to play anymore so that means the game is bad.
    LFR feedback: I don't like the lore, so I don't like LFR. Ok?

    (So far, it sounds like you're jerking off the nostalgia dick and can't get off it).
    Arenas: K.
    Models: Models are changing soon, but it's glad to see you don't care as much as other people.
    Sub model: K.
    Character Progression: Doesn't know.
    Leveling: So... turn off the map tracker? Holy christ. They removed the linearness of cata in mop, you can choose what hubs to go to now as opposed to before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roflifier View Post
    Agree 100% with your assessment. I also feel like the point of linearity, which has been brought up multiple times, doesn't exist. This was the first expansion since..really ever...where I felt like I honestly had a choice what to do and where to go. Maybe at launch it was a bit linear because you needed to do a large percentage of them, but now I can pick and choose what to do.

    As someone who took a lengthy break already in this expansion, I feel like the points brought up have no perspective and rely on nostalgia and opinions without anything to back them up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elementalkin View Post
    I left this as a comment, but I think I'll get better feedback here where things are a bit slower.

    "I do miss being rewarded every level, but the new talents are far more interesting. How do we resolve this? In retrospect, the solution seems incredibly simple: Why didn't they just combine them by giving you standard talent points every level as normal for the generic buffs (+damage, +healing, +crit, +haste, etc), then give you a 'specialization' point every 15 levels that would be used only for the talents in the new talent system?"

    It might also be nice to have some passive PvP-centric talents in such a system (+resilience, +power, improved Battle Fatigue, etc).
    Thoughts, ya'll?
    I had this exact same idea when it was revealed the talent system was going to be changed -_- I hope they implement something like it

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    Not sure how to feel about this particular video. There are some things he brings up that... I dunno, bother me.

    The first is when he called out LFD (note that I am not saying LFR). He mentioned LFD being a better system in Wrath, as opposed to what we have now... Not exactly sure how that works being that it's the exact same system. (Again, LFR aside)

    He calls out the lack of a "feeling of exploration" as well. Wrath had flying mounts as did Cata and MoP. Is he saying that there were less people using flying mounts during Wrath? Just based on Forum usage, I wouldn't think that is the case.

    He mentioned he doesn't do LFR because he doesn't like the lore. It came off as "If it wasn't in the WC RTS lore... it doesn't count". That may just be my take on what he said... It almost sounds like he wants WoW to not have new lore created and to simply end when the existing lore from the RTS game series has been used up. Makes me wonder what would happen should a WC4 make an appearance, and include the more recent lore (Pandaren as more than just a small campaign, the Deathwing dealings, The horde rebellion). Would everything Crendor doesn't like about the WoW lore suddenly become justified?

    He mentioned the world PvP zones... and I guess I might agree with him. TB didn't really feel like world PvP when compared to wintergrasp, but eh... it served its intended purpose (until they changed the honor gains for winning :P)

    It's a nostalgia video, like all the others. He is entitled to his opinions and it won't diminish my following of his channel.. but it will make me scratch my head a bit.
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    I saw it earlier today. He's clearly burnt out when it comes to WoW.

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    Im surprised crendor hasnt appeared in this thread seeing that it was a thread on mmo champ that started this shit storm in the first place

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    The entire re-design of questing went hand in hand with the Questhelper. Questing is much mroe linear overall whether u have Questhelper switched on or off. In the old days quests were scattered all over the place in no particular order, after the Questhelper redesign everything was moved around to ensure questing was linear.

    This overall redesign has changed questing from an exercise of exploration to an exercise of following a linear path.
    I half way agree with what you are saying here. Questing did become easier, and more linear, in a sense that everything is grouped up pretty well and there is usually a good breadcrumb trail to follow when you completed a certain area... or had to use the board in a major city to find a starting location. The other side of that is that back in the old days, while the scattered quests made for exploration, it also left a lot of players (myself included) wondering where to go. Until I made it to Outland, I can't tell you the number of times I had to rely on other people to give me a heads up about where quests were... or I ended up getting lost and tried to find other ways to level up.

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    I agree with everything he said i just don't feel like i enjoy the game anymore as much as i try to i just can't. When FFXIV ARR launches in August ill quit wow for literally probably the 40th time.

    -Most of the people i used to play with quit the game
    -LFR does not make normal raiding feel great (everyone has purples now), LFR is basically required to get into normals (example ilvl500 req for Morgshan vaults) god is it just not fun anymore. I can tell you countless people that reroll classes JUST to pvp. Don't even get me started on competitive arena
    -This expansion...while it's added some cool things i just don't care about the storyline. I cared about BC, i cared about WOTLK, idgaf about pandas or battling alliance because battling alliance we should be doing that anyways...

    idk maybe the game is just old in my eyes but the 'shine' is gone from feeling good about accopmlishments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcin14 View Post
    MoP in my opinion suffers from the same problems that Cata had but worse being that there was no real lore backing to it. We arrive on Pandaria and spend the first patch helping these panda's overcome their feelings and then are left with a ton of dailies in order to get them to like us. Then 5.2 rolls around and we are sent to deal with the Thunderking who once again we never heard of before 5.0, and now we are finally returning to something with some actual lore behind it in SoO and we'll have to see how that turns out.
    If you want content that has pre-existing lore backing it then you're asking the devs to severely limit the amount of content that you can make.

    There was no real lore backing a large amount of content in WoW. You can't just make a game based off of pre-existing lore... that's foolish and grows stale quickly.

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    The video touches on several different topics which can result in some healthy discussion. Still, in the end, these are just the opinions of a single person. I agree with some of them. I disagree with some of them. There are also so many arguments that it is hard to address them all.

    Looking at this from a more general perspective, I guess the topic is whether WoW is still interesting and fun to play. I do personally think that it is. It has several flaws which I have kept on bringing up on various forums, these ones included, but overall I have enjoyed Mists of Pandaria. I have even somewhat enjoyed the lore in this expansion, and I'm the person who thinks that the lore has been one of the weaker sides of the game for a long time. That includes both TBC and WotLK.

    I do think that the game would benefit from being more sandbox-y.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rawfury View Post
    Not making sense
    "Everyone has purples" has been a thing since heroic dungeons many expansions ago, LFR did not make it happen.

    LFR is required for normal mode? No, its not needed, it only gives a boost to guilds that simply are not good enough and need extra gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephre View Post
    His voice annoys me turned it off after like 20 seconds.
    Not just me then... his voice seems so forced and fake it bugs the crap out of me. His opinion could be perfectly valid.. but I'll never get past 20-30 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    while the scattered quests made for exploration, it also left a lot of players (myself included) wondering where to go.
    And thats exactly what lots of people liked, your characters life was truly in the hands of the player. It was up to you to decide what to do...

    Modern gaming is now all about making the early levels with a Tutorial and thats what Wow basically installed into the game. I dont think MMOs need to draw upon other games design, MMOs are built differently and should remain that way.

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    90% of his issues with the game are actually not true anyway.

    The belief that the Talent Tree System is now easier and more cookie cutter then ever before is just pure bullshit. There was no choice at all in any of the previous iterations of the system. In all of Wrath of the Lich King, I changed my talents no more then about 10 times. Now, in Mists of Pandaria, I'm changing various talents for various fights in Brawl'gar Arena, Heroics, Scenarios, Raids (and per encounter) and much more!

    This is just one of the few reasons he listed, that tells me he doesn't actually have a clue about how World of Warcraft works. Personally, I see this video as none other then an attempt to get a very popular video by listing a list of failures of the biggest MMORPG, to earn more Ad Revenue. Sadly, I used to really like his stuff, but I'll be unsubscribing from his Channel now...

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    I generally hate these kind of videos.

    But this one I completely agree with. Especially with his LFR and dailies statements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodias View Post
    The first is when he called out LFD (note that I am not saying LFR). He mentioned LFD being a better system in Wrath, as opposed to what we have now... Not exactly sure how that works being that it's the exact same system. (Again, LFR aside)
    I do want to say that LFD did seem a lot better in wrath, but that was because it was new and people definitely seemed a lot nicer and worked harder mainly because it was a new feature, it was definitely cool participating with people from other realms in PvE content for the first time and representing your realm. Prior to this you made your own groups, so people weren't use to auto-grouping outside of BGs. Then in Cata and MoP it's just something you do to grind valor, and people got use to it. That's the way I can think it felt different.

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    I love Wowcrendor's videos and I think he's an intelligent and insightful guy. However, I could not sympathize with some of the points he made.

    I know lots of people are bent out of shape about the talent tree so maybe they should consider putting it back the way it was, but honestly it's not different now from the way it was then. The only difference is that instead of railroading you into choices by forcing you to spend points on one row before moving on to the next they just streamline the process and only present you with the meaningful choices.

    I can't speak to the PvP because it's never been a focus of mine, but I agree that Wintergrasp was lots of fun (when it was semi-balanced). Maybe PvP is an issue for some, but not for me.

    I kind of like that today's quests have their own little story arcs that can be completed within the general vicinity, but that's purely opinion. I liked the revamp of the zones, but I think it was stupid to update all of Azeroth to exist in a post-Cataclysm world. You get a real Back To the Future feel when you hit Outlands and Northrend and they have no clue as to what Deathwing has been up to. There seems to be no reason for that either. There were some quests with a Black dragon egg that seemed to set things up nicely for the future, but those never really seemed to pan out. Maybe Wrathion hatched from that egg, but the tie-in was never explicitly made. So it seems like they pissed away what potential there was in that regard.

    I agree that the lore today kind of sucks in comparison to WotLK. It's hard to top that because the LK story line had been building since Warcraft III, long before WoW was even released for the first time. I honestly don't know how they're going to fix this because they didn't plan ahead and set up compelling storylines for future expansions. I still think that basing an expansion off of a one-off cutesy WC III scenario and an April Fool's joke was a bad decision and is probably a big factor in the bad state of loredom today.

    I agreed with him about LFG. I liked it in Wrath too, and I think that the reason was the sheer quantity of options available. When I queued for a dungeon on a given day I honestly had no idea which one I was going to get. With so many dungeons to pick from I could go weeks without setting foot in one of them even though I was queueing every day. There were also exciting options like the speed run in Culling of Stratholme for the mount. The difficulty in Wrath dungeons was optional. If you had a good group you could go for the bonus stuff for additional rewards, but if your group wasn't up to snuff you could skip the hard stuff and come away from the instance with a nominal reward. So there were really two things at play there. First, I never really burned out on WoTLK dungeons because there were so many, but in MoP I cleared all the dungeons within two weeks and burned out on them within the month. Second, the dungeon difficulty in Cataclysm was ratcheted up to an all-or-nothing level so if I had a good group we could clear it for a sub-standard reward, but if my group was not so good we ended up with a 3 hour wipefest with nothing to show for it at the end.

    He was spot on about dailies. In Wrath and Cataclysm dailies gave you optional things like reputation, patterns, pets, and mounts. There were some daily grinds that gave out enhancements, but once those grinds were finished you didn't have to do them any more. In MoP you constantly have to do dailies to cook high end food and also because they are the quickest way to valor cap and charms. Even though I hit exalted with the Tillers in about two weeks I had to continue doing those stupid dailies to grind iron paw tokens for raid food. By the way, those tokens are also used for vanity items so if I wanted those I would have to level an alt to 90 so that he could grind tokens for food while my main would grind tokens for vanity items. Not fun. Like he said, dailies have been reduced to an item on a chore list rather than something that you can do at your own pace to reach an established goal.

    I was kind of disappointed that he had nothing to say about the state of raiding in the game today. I guess the fact that he raided in WotLK but doesn't raid now says all there is to be said about that.
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    People make me sick... gating valor gear by raid rep is fine but not if it is by dailies (which was ok to me -but the SP/AC gated by the GL was too much, even for me). They should be both so I would have not to run raids for the sake of getting rep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endemonadia View Post
    And thats exactly what lots of people liked, your characters life was truly in the hands of the player. It was up to you to decide what to do...
    You mean it was in the hands of Thottbot and then Wowhead..right? Because that's all anyone did back then. Quests were so poorly designed and explained that you had no choice but to use these sites in order to play the game. It's evidence of how poorly something is executed when you need to use an outside website in order to have a clue where to go for quests.

    And this is from someone who read all the quests back then. They were just not well structured. Blizzard recognized this and has been improving it since TBC. What these people call linear is actually referred to as clear and concise. Just because you understand where to go and then go there doesn't make content linear.

    Linear means you have no choice but to follow a path they have created for you. It's just completely false to state that MoP works that way at all. You have no choice on your starting zone, but you have a choice on what quests to do, what hubs to go to, and when to go to a new zone at this point. You can skip plenty of things, go different directions, etc. While this doesn't provide a lot of variety, it's certainly not linear.

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    Who really cares what someone who was never good at the game thinks? I jumped through at 3-4 minute intervals and every sentence was "dailies". Wow, you quit because of dailies. I may as well quit living because I have to cut my hair. In the grand scheme of things dailies are not that important or tiresome as some people make out. Hell, the best way to earn coins nowadays is through pet battles.

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