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    What style of story progression do you want for Expansion V?

    Just as the title says, what type of story progression from past expansions or vanilla would you want for the next expansion? Each expansion had a different way of telling the story.

    Personally, I really like the way they use scenarios and story scrolls to tell the story and lore a lot better than before.
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    I liked what they did with 5.1 where they worked the progression into the dailies. I hope they do more of that in the next expansion.

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    I like Scenarios, I just don't want them to be replacement content for 5-mans again. It was a huge misfire in MoP, and 5 (initially 4) 5-man dungeons while levelling through Pandaria was just not enough. WotLK was the most enjoyable levelling experience for me, the pace seemed to be just right and there were enough dungeons to run while levelling up that none of them really felt stale (well, maybe Utgarde Keep after you had to run it for the 50th time).

    Ideally, the next expansion will have at most 1 raid at launch, and between 5-8 normal mode dungeons for levelling, with more to be added in subsequent patches (in normal and heroic mode). I've tried LFR, it's also woefully inadequate replacement content for a 5-man run where every player's contribution counts. You just get lost in a sea of good, mediocre and derp.
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    The MoP story model is one of the reasons why this is expansion is my favorite. The Legendary story is great, the zones have their own story they tell in every chain, the expansion story is pushed and well told in every patch, we have tones of lore to explain why we're in each raid and dungeon. Honestly just...simply amazing.

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    The zone-end quests should be big 3-5 man scenarios that's scaled depending on the participants level. I just miss the 5 man quests of old. Otherwise the MoP story progression and storytelling had some very good points, and I'm very eager to see what hey do with 5.4 in that respect. 5.3 barrens is pretty good, but could also see some improvements.

    PS.: Also I wish they brought back a couple of the old quest chains as solo scenarios, like the Tirion chain.
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    TBC/WotLK had the best story, but TBC had the best "story-telling".

    I like scenarios, but I liked complex quests in Draenor much more.

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    Definitely MOP style, though if it's the Burning Legion we're fighting, I would like us to get *utterly defeated* in 6.0, and in subsequent patches we get our bearings, fight back, and eventually overcome in the final patch.

    Sort of the opposite of MoP. We started out pretty and things slowly got worse and worse, when the Burning Legion attacks I hope we get our asses kicked and then have to struggle towards victory.
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    MOP story telling style has been exemplary. I really hope they return to something more akin to the 5.1/5.2 daily system than the 5.3 Barrens one, though the weekly model could be maintained.

    The legendary questline style has also been fantastic and I hope we see one or more of these through the next expansion, even if the grindy bits were annoying the sense of structure it granted was great. I feel previous expansions lacked a lot of story leading into raid dungeons. Hyjal in TBC didn't even have any Infinite Dragon involvement, was just us going to mess with timelines for loot.

    I also loved the green fire quest and hope they add more in the same vein for other classes.

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    I liked the 3 five man instances in wotlk and cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by rarhyx View Post
    I liked the 3 five man instances in wotlk and cata
    I gotta agree here... mostly.
    I liked the storytelling that happened within. The quests done and the progression (order-wise, not gearing-wise) that you did... Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and finally the chamber of Frostmourne itself...
    "Unlocking" the timestream in End Time, using it to visit the Well of Eternity to yoink the Dragon soul, and finally escorting Thrall with it to Wyrmrest, only to have him use it in the raid... I did like that.

    Unfortunatly, that was only the first 1-2-3 times doing it. Then it got stale and you kinda forgot about it while you were grinding for that one drop, or valor points.
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