View Poll Results: What Role shoudl New class fill?

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  • Pure DPs all 3 specs

    4 13.79%
  • Tank, and dps only

    2 6.90%
  • tank,heal and melee dps

    1 3.45%
  • tank,heal,dps range

    10 34.48%
  • heal/dps(both range/melee)

    6 20.69%
  • tank and heals only class(wicked new i know)

    6 20.69%
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    here a new 1 what ROLE shoudl new classs fill??

    going to be a poll question..
    should it be a hybrid class??

    fill role of healing,tank,dps?

    also what type Dps??? melee or range or hell both?*2 (different spec).
    Should be able to tank??(do we need more tank roles??)
    Should new class be able to heals?? (need more heals??)
    if heals, what type of healing class?? cloth(weak best to avoid dmg itself) or strong healing gear class?? (can be right in middle action and not worry it get 1 shot(plate/mail)

    new class should be Pure dps??Dps/tank,Tank/heals,dps,or dps & heals only(like shammy).

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    We have so many of these posts talking about class ideas. We don't need another one, sorry.

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    Do you get paid to use extra question marks in your posts? Do you have a monthly quota to fill?
    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    Blizzard offered cardboard cut outs with poster pictures of bosses stapled on them upside down and sideways and many players now feel that is raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dezzick View Post
    We have so many of these posts talking about class ideas. We don't need another one, sorry.
    its difrent they talk about what New Class want. thsi 1 talk about what that Class Should Role........
    see what i did there

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    Yeah, there's not many about just what roles a new class should fill. This is a valid discussion - could shape what concepts for new classes are possible.

    I kind of want a class that's tank,melee dps,range dps.

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    Tanks with an oil/fire based machine spec. Intellect based (if only for the sake of having a unique int tank)

    Ranged DPS with turrets, uses agility guns (And bows/crossbows for gameplay reasons)

    Healer based on spraying chemicals and salves.

    Blackrock Foundry was probably the best part of WOD, but that's really just a blackhanded compliment.

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    Current class composition looks like this;

    Pure DPS: Warlock, Hunter, Mage, Rogue
    Hybrids: Shaman, Warriors, Priests, Death Knights
    Full Hybrids: Monks, Druids, Paladins

    So, it would seem that the next class should be a Full (Tank/Heal/DPS) hybrid.
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    Ranged Tank?
    Quote Originally Posted by Naphta
    The tank is the driver, healer is the fuel. And the DPS are the kids sitting in the back crying about if they're there yet. And this is coming from a DPS.

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    Ranged tanky dps healer.

    Though I'd imagine a full hybrid.

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    dam no vote for pure dps.

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    Pure classes still have their place in the game, but it would be another excuse to role dps instead of tanks/heals when every class already fills a dps role.

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    No new class. Would create even more imbalance imo, leave it alone.

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    Melee tank
    Ranged dps
    Healer/melee dps? idk

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    Gonna expand the Warden idea a little -

    3 plate
    2 mail
    3 leather
    3 cloth

    So: Mail

    4 pure
    4 hybrid
    3 full hybrid

    So: Full hybrid

    6 ranged dps
    7 melee dps
    5 tanks
    5 healers

    So: Not a melee dps

    Additional Evidence:

    - Burning legion expansion likely, must fit this theme
    - Only 1 class competes for ranged weapons, highly unlikely that this pattern will continue

    Mail-wearing tank/healer/ranged dps that will compete for ranged weapons, and that fits with a burning legion expansion.

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    Really if we already have classes with 4 specs, no reason we shouldn't have tank,heals,and both types of DPS.

    However it should make sense for whatever class they bring, I really don't think they should just arbitrarily give it certain specs because of what we already have or don't have.

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    Frankly, there aren't many archetypes left that could logically perform all three roles. Due to that fact, the remaining choices in classes is quite limited.

    If Blizzard continues basing expansion classes on WC3 heroes, the next class will be obvious. However, Blizzard could completely blindside us with an entirely new concept.

    In the end, the obvious patterns are mail armor, ranged physical weaponry, hybrid, distinct from existing classes, and a class that can be applied to several races.
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