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  • I would keep playing and find a new Guild and friends.

    66 44.90%
  • I would get bored playing by myself and quit.

    50 34.01%
  • I'm only playing because my friends play, So I'd quit too.

    31 21.09%
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    Dreadlord Cludo's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Perth, Australia

    If all your guild / Real life friends quit would you?

    Just wondering, If all your Guild members, Real life friends and friends you've met on WoW and chat to frequently suddenly quit WoW would you still have the incentive and passion to keep playing?

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    Pit Lord Knadra's Avatar
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    Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
    I'd keep playing, the game is fun enough to where I'd still play and try to find new people to play with.

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    Grunt Jaylawls's Avatar
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    May 2012
    United Kingdom
    I already did for now, hoping flex raiding might be able to tempt some people back next patch.

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    Jun 2013
    I'd have the passion but not the incentive. It might take me a while to get back into the swing of things if it happened but I don't think I'd give up wow at the drop of a hat. A new guild always opens up new opportunities.

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    Mechagnome Zephre's Avatar
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    Most of my friends quit in cata and so did I not long after Dragon Soul came out. I came back they didn't so I made new friends and if they quit I'd probably do the same thing again unless the expansion is seriously bad as in cata bad.

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    happened to me in Cataclysm. thanks to that pile of crap my guild was gone and all my friends quit eventually.
    was hard to decide what i wanted to do but i moved on and here i am today still going on !

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    Brewmaster Zangeiti's Avatar
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    Yeah I would probably quit wow I mean it would be really boring with me just raiding and grinding by myself and then not brag to my friends on what i did also i could go outside.

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    Epic! Skeletroll's Avatar
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    My few "guys i knew from IRL" have stopped playing ~year ago. I don't think it's negative thing, always did leveling and dailies etc. alone. My current guild is kinda dead too since 5.1, no matter as i'll stay just for guild perks.
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    Immortal vindicatorx's Avatar
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    All the friends I played with quit in WRATH and then the new ones quit in CATA. I no longer need "friends" to see content so No, I will keep playing until I see no reason to continue.

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    The Patient Divine's Avatar
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    my guild(top1-3server) disbanded just when the ICC patch came. all (but 1)of the guild stopped playing or migrated aand my irl friends havent played since either and im still playing tho it's kinda boring sometimes when you have only 1 wow friend <.<. kinda still miss the core group, which i had played with from the kara. QQ

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    Old God Baar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cludo View Post
    Just wondering, If all your Guild members, Real life friends and friends you've met on WoW and chat to frequently suddenly quit WoW would you still have the incentive and passion to keep playing?

    Never played with RL friends, and I have been in about 3-4 guild break ups so far.

    Shit happens, move on.

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    Probably go casual for a bit, or maybe find a new guild. Dunno.

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    I would carry on playing, find a new guild and carry on.

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    The Insane det's Avatar
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    My RL friends already play partly outside my guild, partly at different times, partly in other areas that don't interest me (pvp). Since I cannot participate in HM raids due to work, I am already somewhat rarely in any guild activities.

    And my friends are RL friends...if they quit I don't lose them.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    Pandaren Monk 3DTyrant's Avatar
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    Well as seeing as friends I've met via WoW are included in the same guild, if they quit, I'd play on for abit, then if it got too boring I'd also quit, only popping onto D3 to talk to one or two friends I also met in WoW
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    The Patient Lighthawk45's Avatar
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    WEnt casual , hell I even switched from Raiding pve to PVp and arenas ect , made new friends ect , however Im not as " hardcore " as I was and I flex my time table on wow to how I want , so I cna go clubs ect on evenings where I would previously have raids

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    Stood in the Fire Satanous's Avatar
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    I already quit with them still playing, after nine years it just felt like the right time. That said my quitting was the catalyst for quite a few of my friends/guildies who I tanked/raided with.

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    Banned Tyrion Lannister's Avatar
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    If the next expac is epic (like Burning Legion) and there are new character models, I would consider re-subbing into the game. Until then, there are plenty of other MMOs to waste time on which look better and have more customizations.

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    I havn't had any friends since TBC
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    Majority of my guild decided to cut back or stop playing after a fairly successful Cata expansion (raid wise for us). I attempted to recruit and continue but ended up burning myself out early into MOP and took a break as well. Me and another friend have recently come back to play casually and possibly clear through SOG and am having a blast so far. So much to do when you stop playing for a few patches and you don't have to devote all your playing time to prepping for raids.

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