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    Practical answer: Jaina. Mages can make food and water, and teleport. No problem at all.

    No mage answer: Adarrah. She seems like she would be... fun to be around.

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    Still wouldn't mind being stuck with Lor'themar. Sigh.

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    Alexstrasza. because dragon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    Jaina. She'll just open a portal back to Dalaran for us.
    Jaina, but not because of the know what i mean

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    Ultimately, just about every other poster on this article is going to say the same thing; because their stupid. Jania would portal away WITHOUT you, Alexstasza would incinerate/stomp on you, and Slyvanas would simply shoot you and not res your corpse.
    My answer would have to either be Carine (love the Taurens, very wise and interesting, could teach hunting, woodcarving, etc), or Tirion Fordring (savior of Azeroth, leader of the new Silver Hand, very wise as well). My other pick could be Stormstout, teach me how to do expert cooking and many, many skills (such as beer making or fishing) that could make the experience fun.

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    Illidan would be a cool person to hang out with on the island..

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    Epicus Maximus. Hell yeah. Me with a hardcore undead rocker riding a dinosaur riding a killer shark with laser guns, riding the waves, rocking and jamming all the way.


    no really, the thread may now be closed.

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    No, no, isn't closed. Because Lor'themar is still the most awesome choice for het girly-girls, squee, manly.

    Mm, *does Snoopy float into the distance*

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    Vereesa Windrunner (Before she got married)


    Because she is hot and something is bound to happen eventually.

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    Griftah. Never know when you need soap on a rope (though he'd still try and get money off of me I'm sure.)

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    Green jesus, we will just water walk home.
    I'm a Paladin, Judging is sort of my thing...

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    Thrall. Water walking, BOOM.

    If we can't cheat to get off the island, Cairne (and if we can't bring back the dead, Baine.) I feel like tauren would be the best for surviving on an island, considering they're big and strong and able to survive in the wilderness with ease.
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    Thisalee Crow.
    She can turn into a bird. And you can ride her. In more ways than one.
    Quote Originally Posted by biolink22 View Post
    rogue "glory hole helm"

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    Draenor :)
    He would cleave and the island itself would run back to land in terror.
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