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    To upgrade or to buy Valor gear?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm wondering if it is best for me to use valor to upgrade the gear I already have (I've already done some bits) or if I should buy some 522 gear from the Shado Pan Assault? I was thinking the Belt?
    Also I have all 5 bits of T15 but only using 4 as the helm I have seems to be better than the tier one (is it?) but If I was to buy the Shado Pan Assault shoulders with gold (i'm not far off exalted) is it best to use them and then go for the tier head to give me the 4 piece bonus or not bother with the shoulders and stick with what I have?

    My Armory link - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...vikur/advanced

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated
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    You can get the belt and then upgrade the 522 items, otherwise just pool it till you have better gear.
    As for T15, i would use all but the chest one you get the chest piece from Durumu.

    Also if you do normal tot i would get rid of the shadow pan trinket as it is not that great.

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    is the shadow pan trinket better than the other LFR trinkets? To be honest I don't do Normal raids, I don't have time, I just do LFR, however, I still like to do the best DPS I can with the gear I have so if there is anyway of squeezing more out I'd like to try!
    Battletag: Chris#23952 (EU)
    Warlock - Hunter

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    For destru, the shadopan is marginally better, while demon benefits more from the lfr-one.
    Think both are bis for you outside of real raids, for both specs
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