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    Most stupid Talents and Spell designs in WoW History

    Hellow everybody,
    I find stupid Spells and Talents designs quiet interesting, but I started playing WoW sort of recently, in Cata so missed out on a lot of fun stuff, like stories of overpowered Deathknights who had three specs which were all DPS and Tank at the same time in Wrath, Warlocks who only cast Shadow Bolt in TBC, and Hunters that only cast Steady Shot in TBC and would like to hear more in-depth explanation of those and others.

    Let me first show Examples of what I believe to be very stupid Spells or Talents so you get the idea. For my first choice, we need to look back no further than the Present by taking a glance at Hunter Pets. The Ability "Combat Experience" increases Damage by 50%, but all Hunter Pets Specialisations have that, so so there is absolutely no difference in Damage increased.

    In the next Example we have Cataclysm Talents. They start out with really weak with almost no difference, like the choice between some Spells Critical Chance increase by 4% or other spells Casttime increase by 0,1% which is meaningless. And near the Finish you have the "choice" between your 1 Ultimate Talent like Ardent Defender which reduces all Damage taken and lets you survive a Killing Blow OR go back in the talent tree and pick a weak talent like a slight Reduction on a Stun-Cooldown. Better give the Riddler a call about this Brain-teaser which Talent to pick.

    Now it's your turn, do you remember stupid Spells, Abilities, or Talents designs? Every Expansion's Talent Trees are provided here for your convenience for easier remembering.

    Vanilla Talent Calculator:

    Burning Crusade Talent Calculator:

    Wrath of the Lich King Talent Calculator:

    Cataclysm Talent Calculator:

    Pandaland Talent Calculator:

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    All talents prior to MoP.

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    i dont like the rogue talents overall too much pvp stuff in it which you cant use in pve you could basicly just skill 3-4 points and leave the rest blank i liked the talent trees in BC i dislike this mop tree its so stupid
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    Pretty much anything in the original paladin talents. Consecration (useful for AoE) is near the bottom of the retribution tree for this beta build, but for a while in classic it was actually even in the Holy tree, as if healers needed it - or as if tanks (not that paladins had enough holy damage to tank back then even with Righteous Fury) were going to spec into the Holy tree for Spiritual Focus (less pushback on healing) and heal themselves while trying to stay alive and maintain aggro. (Of course, you can't even block when healing so that's a double negative if they even tried)
    [Note: Or they could've gone for a 40 minute Lay on Hands cooldown back when Lay on Hands drained their mana and seen how long they could keep aggro that way]

    Strength buff being in the holy tree. In this build it was at the bottom of the tree even! hahaha. Repentance (it only lasted SIX seconds) is the TANKING COOLDOWN? hahahaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unoriginal View Post
    what if SEARING WOLVES? The possibilities?!!?

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    or when innervate was the top talent in the feral tree, so all druids had to roll feral to heal so that they could give priests innervate...

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    I think from my POV, crusader strike being the ultimate in the ret tree is pretty high up there. Leveling as ret was fun... or maybe not.

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    Lacerate. The final talent for Survival Hunters, a melee dot. I think the concept could have been expanded upon though to have one spec dedicated to melee.

    Inner Fire. 3 minute (I think?) Priest self-buff to increase attack power.

    PS: I miss wand talents
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    Although I think MoP's talent system is better overall due to them being more viable and less cookie cutter along with being useful rather than passive, things like Typhoon on useable by cats and bears just looks silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomana View Post
    I think from my POV, crusader strike being the ultimate in the ret tree is pretty high up there. Leveling as ret was fun... or maybe not.
    Was worse back when it was BoK

    Improved distract wins in my book, belive it was 2/2 3-6 yards radius increase. And it was fairly deep down in sub aswell. And surv hunters with their Lacerate thingy or whatever it was, 3-4 dps boost!

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    Wow I forgot how god awful the TBC Enhancement shaman tree was. Really, tho...they all sucked in their own ways back then. So much better now.
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    back when mages had to spend 5 talent points to make arcane explosion instant cast!
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    MoP are the worst for me. it's just ridiculous imo. it feels like something that should be a form of side progression once you hit max level, like rift's planar attunement or something.

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    Leather Specialization was a pretty dumb talent Rogue-wise. I honestly never found a use for Distract either, I must have been doing it wrong.

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    Back when Blessing of Kings required 5 points to be a useful buff.
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    wow, looking back the vanilla and TBC talent trees for just about every class sucked. every talent just seems to be "increases x by 5%"

    i forgot how much they sucked.
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    Curse of Recklessness for Warlocks (

    Reduces the target's armour but increases its attack power and makes it immune to fear.

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    Speaking more recently, Rune of Power. Fuck that.

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    Pretty much anything in Vanilla or TBC, 80% of them in Wrath, and 40% of them in Cata. I agree that the MoP talents aren't "fun" because you only get one every 15 levels, but they are MUCH better than "increase x by x%" which is all the old talents prior to that were. I would rather just get the things that are important caked into my abilities and the important abilities, that were talents before, learned at a certain level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koji2k11 View Post
    i dont like the rogue talents overall too much pvp stuff in it which you cant use in pve
    Sadly this sometimes it happens with all classes that PvE Talents are useless in PvP or vice Versa. Like for Example all DK in one Tree are viable for PvP but for PvE you go Death's Advance for more Movespeed, or Priest Spectral Guise is good in PvP but useless in PvE.

    I remember in Cataclysm there were some PvP Talent choices in each Tree so you could just Opt to not pick then in PvE, then you had the situation on some classes where there was only 1 PvE Build without any choices.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asetotti View Post
    Stupid spell design: Sentry totem.
    Do I need to explain?
    Well yesh some people have no Idea what it was and why it is stupid? I certainly don't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zenny View Post
    Speaking more recently, Rune of Power. Fuck that.
    Really in General it would be nice if you added an Explanation of why you believe it to suck. Like for Example on the spell you mentioned you could say something along the liens of "RoP sucks because it encourages standing still for a long amount of Time" or whatever the reasons are that make it stupid in your eyes.
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    Stupid spell design: Sentry totem.
    Do I need to explain?

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