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    63 75.00%
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    21 25.00%
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    Wow... I'll actually admit that I'm kinda shocked the poll is, right now, in favor of single player. Pleased to no end about it, but I'm still shocked. :P

    I myself voted "Single player".

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    Singleplayer / PS3.
    I don't even own a game that has multiplayer.

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    I would prefer single player if I had a console. Multi-player always felt tacked on and superfluous for me.
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    For consoles? The online community is worse than League of Legends. It's always singleplayer.

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    Mostly singleplayer but I have played various games online and had fun.
    Multiplayer co-op Army of Two (ps3), some fighting games (Mortal Kombat fe) and I've played a few games of GoldenEye online with the Wii.

    However, mostly multiplayer pc and consoles are mostly for party/co-op games and single player.

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    Multiplayer on consoles, Single Player on my PC.
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    Local multiplayer with my wife sometimes, and when friends come over. Otherwise single player.

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    Playing multiplayer with friends on n64

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    I play both on consoles and I have a small collection of mostly single player games on PC. I think the only multiplayer game I have for PC is WoW. I'm more of a console player and I play single player games most of the time on my Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. I also play on my older systems as old as SNES and N64 (I don't have a NES or Genesis yet....YET) and my last gen systems too (PS2 and Gamecube. Want to get an Xbox someday).

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    Multiplayer on my wii, mario kart/party etc. ftw.

    Prolly gonna get a wii u when the good games hit that console!

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    I only intentionally seek out and buy video games (non-MMO) for the single player. Multiplayer is just a nice little bonus if a game does have it. Offline Co-Op with either split screen or a LAN mode is my preferred multiplayer. I have very little love for competitive multiplayer games, especially if they can only be played online with no offline modes with friends, they can be entertaining for a day or two or maybe once every couple months. I would never purchase a video game just for a competitive online experience, and if for some reason the competitive mode in a game does look entertaining then it better damn will include adjustable bots in it so I can play offline/with a friend. A solid single player/offline co-op is more important to me then any competitive online elements and I much prefer when games are designed with the majority of the content focused around that and thus makes the game last a lot longer then one that will eventually have all of its servers shut down for/loss of the majority of the community for.

    Now if we are talking older, offline, pick up and play competitive multiplayer like Mario Party or an Atari 2600 game then that is a different story and I do enjoy occasionally playing those types of games together in the same room with friends.
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    The idea of online multiplayer sounded cool at first, but when I play it the people I play with are usually jerks, so I only like multiplayer if I'm playing with family/friends.

    (Xbox 360)

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    single player. i have yet to find a good multiplayer game for the console (xbox 360). i find CoD etc repetitive. Next gen console games might change that with elder scrolls online.
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    Should have added Local Multiplayer. Voted Single Player as I assume you mean Online Multiplayer.

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    I play far more single player than multiplayer on consoles, though mostly because a lot of the games I play simply have no co-op. I have little interest in competitive multiplayer but I will play the heck out of co-op modes.

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    I feel like there should be two multiplayer options. Online is pretty different from local multiplayer.

    I definitely play local multiplayer the most, followed by single player. I rarely take my console games online. I do most of my online and single player gaming on my PC.

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    Anybody see the irony that "single player" is beating out "multiplayer" on a forum thread found on a Mass Multiplayer Online gaming fan site?

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    I could take or leave multiplayer consoles stuff, but I get REALLY annoyed when the single player campaign is lacking.

    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    Anybody see the irony that "single player" is beating out "multiplayer" on a forum thread found on a Mass Multiplayer Online gaming fan site?
    Not at all, seeing as we're talking about console gaming . I play single player on consoles and save my multiplayer stuff for the PC, most notably MMO's. This is the same as... basically everyone I know.
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    if i ever played multiplayer on consoles it was never online, so stuff like SF, Tekken, MotoGP
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    I much prefer multiplayer games on PC, especially games that involve pvp, the only game I've ever really pvp'd on is the Gears of War games. Single player games are what I feel a consoles excel at,although I regret not owning a PS3 as there appear to be a lot of brilliant exclusives, hoping to play them on the streaming thing PS4 are doing.

    If it wasn't obvious I own an Xbox 360.

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