View Poll Results: What is your favourite playable race in WoW?

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  • Blood Elf

    34 13.23%
  • Draenei

    19 7.39%
  • Dwarf

    13 5.06%
  • Gnome

    6 2.33%
  • Goblin

    14 5.45%
  • Human

    15 5.84%
  • Night Elf

    14 5.45%
  • Orc

    27 10.51%
  • Pandaren

    18 7.00%
  • Tauren

    20 7.78%
  • Troll

    17 6.61%
  • Undead

    26 10.12%
  • Worgen

    11 4.28%
  • Like more than one equally

    20 7.78%
  • Hard to decide

    3 1.17%
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    Quote Originally Posted by icausewipes View Post
    Awesome avatar and I voted for goblins.
    /Whovian Goblin fistbump!

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    Once a Troll....

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    The Lightbringer OzoAndIndi's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    Human female and Blood Elf male, Rogue in particular.

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    Titan Winter Blossom's Avatar
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    "Winter is coming"
    I really enjoy my undead. I had considered making most of my toons undead, but I like variety.

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    Goblins and Pandaren. To a lesser extent Worgen, Tauren, Trolls, Orcs and Draenei
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    Human because they look sexy and get nice looking hair styles that other races dont get

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    New Kid Zaelsino's Avatar
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    It was blood elf in 2007 and not a whole lot's changed since then.

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    Titan Winter Blossom's Avatar
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    "Winter is coming"
    Quote Originally Posted by Etarra View Post
    Human because they look sexy and get nice looking hair styles that other races dont get
    Humans, IMO look the best in plate armor.

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    Blademaster Niteowl's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Male Trolls... I love their bow animation

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    Voted undead, because my main is a priest and I like the undead casting animations most. If only Blizzard removed the bones taking away half of my armor they would be perfect.

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    Goblin with Carved Ogre Idol
    I'm an ogre engineer rogue!

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    Panda with out a doubt! Not only are they they only race to give primary stats as a racial making them the most OP, females are friggin' awesome looking!

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    Pandaren all around. Viral dances are to die for.

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    Alliance: Panda (female only)
    Horde: Belf/Panda (male belf only)

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    Legendary! Thelxi's Avatar
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    Horde: Blood Elf and Undead tie

    Alliance: Night Elf

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    Herald of the Titans inboundpaper's Avatar
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    Toss up between Human And Night Elf. Blood Elf's get an honorable mention.
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    Muh main

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    Can't pick just one really... Night elves have been my favorite since the old RTS days, and druid is my favorite class so they kind of go together. I love Draenei and Worgen but it's so frustrating how little attention they are given.

    On Horde I like blood elves -- great lore and animations, as well as Tauren.
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    While my main is a Night Elf Druid, my current favourite is Pandaren, because the look and animations are tons better than the current player models.

    Of course my opinion will change when the revamps come around, but so far it's really hard going back after seeing how expressive those fuzzballs are.

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    Blood Elves again same thing last year

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