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    Quote Originally Posted by Vakna View Post
    Any pet achieve hunter will already have 75 level 25's! No excuse for slack!
    LOL. I am only 15 levels away to get my first level 25 pet
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    Part of me is really hoping the 30 part is a typo and it only requires 3. Otherwise, I think I have another....25.... or so pets to level.

    Nobody bought me a Cinder Kitten for my birthday, so *sigh*.

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    Going out of my way now to get every single cat I can possibly get.

    I never thought I'd replace The Fearless as the title on my main but oh hell naw.

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    Getting the 30 level 25 pets isn't all that bad though, here's best way I found of levelling pets and getting something out of it at the same time;


    Safari Hat: Gives a huge bonus to xp over the course of 25 pet levels. Gained from Taming the World.
    Lesser Pet Treat: 25% bonus to pet battle xp, persists through death and buff time remaining saves when you log out! Can be obtained from all pet battle reward bags.
    Pet Treat: Same as lesser treat but this one is a 50% bonus to xp! Bit rarer to get hold of.

    All 3 of these items effects will stack, so you can get a grand total of 85% more pet battle xp. :O

    Where to farm?

    Valley of the Four Winds, the area surrounding Lucky Yi. Lucky Yi himself doesn't give anything worthy of a mention for levelling pets. But his immediate surroundings contain a LOT of level 23-25 critter pet teams, with the occasional aquatic pet popping up that will only extend the battle by 1-2 turns.

    Grand Master pet trainer dailies are a great source of xp too, using the Safari Hat alone you can get a pet from 1-11/12 by boosting it in the Winterspring and Deadwind Pass masters. If you have a good pet duo that can take on the harder masters you can get an absolute TON of xp just doing all the pet masters daily.

    What pets to farm with?

    The best two pets I've found to farm xp with are beasts with the ability Devour. Deals beast damage (which decimates critters), has only 1 turn cd, is a 2 turn ability (so you can tab to facebook and what-not), and most importantly heals your pet if it kills the enemy. Saves you spending time waiting for that heal cd or wasting all your bandages. The Zandalari raptor pets from Isle of Giants are great pets to use, or any other raptor really. Another great pet is the Kun-Lai Runt using Rampage, he can't heal as much as the raptors, but deals more damage (can 1-shot some grey quality critters) and is humanoid type, which takes less damage from the critters you'll be farming.

    What to farm as?

    So you get something out of the pet battles other than xp and achievement progress, this is what I do when farming levels.

    First off, any level 90 character you still want to cap your weekly Lesser Charms with, will get your 50 fairly easily with no boring dailies and get a ton of pet battle xp in the process.

    Secondly, use any low level alts your want to level. If they are below 85, get a friendly mage to teleport them to Vale, and then hitch a ride to Halfhill on someone's 2-seater mount. Get the alt to Lucky Yi's area and farm to your heart's content. There are no hostile mobs in the area you will be farming pets so you are in no danger. Each pet battle will give roughly the same xp as a regular quest and is an amazing way to level an alt passively. I recently levelled my priest from 83-90 purely doing pet battles in valley of the four winds. You can also go and ninja a tag on any groups doing Galleon in the area and get some epics before you even hit 90.

    Hope my massive wall of text helps some people get those 30 level 25's before 5.4! <3
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    23/25 kitties here so I am super excited to get this title, being that I am a crazy cat lady in real life this is the best title ever

    The new celestial pets are adorable too, super looking forward to owning them

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    Bump cause this is not in official patch notes. Also yes I got my title yesterday!

    No level restriction on title too it seems.
    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    You know what happened when i started playing in TBC in 2.1 and rolled ret as my first char? Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret You know what i was saying in a few months? Lol hows kara? Then I cleared BT/SW while they followed behind me sniffing my gloriously rosey turds.

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    I personally think it is extremely lame to put an achievment which require to purchase stuff with cash.I like to play to get achiements not buy them off a store..

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    why doesn't blizz just let us buy the title outright...lame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturmgewehr86 View Post
    I personally think it is extremely lame to put an achievment which require to purchase stuff with cash.I like to play to get achiements not buy them off a store..
    you just need 20 out of 25 possible cats...and all the 20 can be obtained without cash

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    I just got this title after buying the Guardian Cub and there is a strange bug with it - The title keeps disappearing and reappearing from my list of titles. When it disappears it changes my title to Twilight Vanquisher and it can do this randomly, sometimes mid-flight, sometimes when logging in or changing zones and it doesn't reappear until I change zones. Quite annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knot View Post
    why doesn't blizz just let us buy the title outright...lame
    You can go do that with the Shattered Sun title if it pleases you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Erin View Post
    I only saw a few minutes of it but it looked slicker than a lubed up olympic swimmer fleeing from a shark.

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    cant beat Farmer Joeqt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwert View Post
    Going out of my way now to get every single cat I can possibly get.

    I never thought I'd replace The Fearless as the title on my main but oh hell naw.
    You wouldn't be able to do it. Period.
    Quote Originally Posted by Davillage View Post
    They attacked Naval ports in crimea only an idiot would claim at this point that Russia didnt invade Ukraine.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    It also doesn't matter what I think.

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    I love this title! First title I've actually used since I got Starcaller back in the day
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