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    It's not that it doesn't look good, it's that it's lazy, this set is just a recolor.

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    Dev 1: "Everyone says rogues and mages are OP all the time..."
    Dev 2: "We should make the look alike too."
    Dev 1: "Brilliant!"

    The imagination bucket must have run rather dry. Good thing there's xmog.
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    I think it looks pretty good! The center coloration isn't very cool, but the other two are nice looking sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SynergyDarkstar View Post
    love it or hate it, at least Tier 13 had a clear theme and was trying to be something new and different i guess.

    As for the tier.. Its very Meh! It also really is a lot similar to the sunwell set. The green colouring looks ok, the darker colouring looks more like questing greens imo.

    I'm actually suprised at quite how accurate the original photoshop in this thread was to the final version

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    Gonna pass on this one.

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    "Rogue set? better make it look like a ghost train cyborg" - someone at Blizzard

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    Another Tier that will never see the light of day. Looks awful, not rogue like at all.

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    Looks shit, looks even more shit knowing that we'll spend atleast 6 months in SoO and this is our last tier set of the expansion.

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    The red version of the set looks cool imo (I would just change the helm and put a tabard on), I'll probably try out the set for my transmog

    But of course, everyone has to whine about how "ugly" it is.

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    Uhh yeahhh.... I don't like it either....

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    Tbh, i have he same reaction i had about the challenge mode set. It's actually cool in design and a somewhat new concept - but what have they smoked when designing the spaulders?

    Since they're also one of the most visible pieces, they ruin the entire set for me.

    EDIT: i also feel i can get the mage tier and swap random pieces around without ruining the set.

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    There are a few things that are wrong imo.

    1. The helm, what the hell?? its huge and looks like an SM mask
    2. Not a full chest.... I don't want to see those ugly arms
    3. The colors they are lame, I rather see black/blue/purple colors on our sets

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    I'm in a break from wow, I was thinking to subscript again for the new patch but looking at this set think I'll extend the break, worst tier ever.. half mage, half warrior, nothing related to rogues it's a cyborg stuff, it's a concept that has been discarded from Titan and applied to rogue just to save time??

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    Three tiers, 3 ugly sets, who is doing their rogue designs? It looks more like plate. And once again, paladins looks awesome..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkDath View Post
    And once again, paladins looks awesome..
    I have to agree with this. Probably leveling my pala only because of this set but i don't want to do the gear grind again.

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    I love the constant flow of reskinned gloves/feet/chest/legs/waist. This is beyond lazy.
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    It looks ok-ish on a worgen but I've noticed that the shoulders + chest + helm use a diff color, I hope they fix that...

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    it looks ok on a worgen because the helm is a muzzle. and that definitely suits a doggy, amirite?

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    Yup, 1 of the worst rogue sets ever made

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    msi can you make a screen with a female pandaren model? Just to know if i need to xmog it all.

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