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    Does it only come in Blue? The gifs I saw in another thread were Bronze.
    I'd prefer Bronze but either will do, a pilotable shredder is what every engineer has surely wanted since forever

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    That looks pretty cool

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    This is it

    This is everything I ever wanted from engineering, or in wow in general

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    can someone link recipie, let the stockpiling begin!
    dragonmaw - EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varulv View Post
    Jesus Christ, I am confused, but I think it's kinda awesome. :P Now, it does say it's a 'flying mount' but have you tried using it in non-flyable areas?

    Thanks for sharing btw.
    Some of the screenshots it was just standing, probably safe to assume you could use it as a ground. such as the ToT glory mount. I hope.. that would be great

    Could change tho, Maybe less days? <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by onesBronson View Post
    This thing is going to cost a fortune to make.

    well, im guessing prices of living steal are about to skyrocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lustobject View Post
    30 Jard's Reculiar Energy Sources (new daily engineering cd) and 30 Living Steel
    can you link where you are seeing the mats for this?
    dragonmaw - EU

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    I just went to the Isle of Thunder and you can indeed run around with it there as well

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    That is so awesome, I just wish it had a better colour (PTR is PTR though so we may see variation between colours for Horde/Alliance once it hits live)

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    By all that is holy, do you see that mount over there?

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    Now if only you could fight other sky golems...

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    is this engineering only?

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    Oh my god that might just be the best mount ever added to the game.

    I am going engineering right now. Not even joking.

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    This game has dinosaurs, and robots! That turn into tanks!!!! @_@

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    Do you have to Fight the Power to acquire this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lustobject View Post
    The Sky Claw was added in 5.2 PTR, that's when i had it

    also something minor, you can herb while mounted on the ground....

    but it does corkscrews and loops and stuff while flying, I mean what do we need more as engineers
    Flying mounts can already do loops while flying...
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    AMAGAD!!! I Think Christmas just arrived early!

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    shredders THAT CAN FLY @_@

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    so let me get this right.......i get my own fucking GUNDAM /faint
    Chaos! Madness! Like a hug for your brain!¯\(°_o)/¯
    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrun View Post
    so let me get this right.......i get my own fucking GUNDAM /faint
    No. You dont

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    oh yeah, thats why I didnt delete my engineer

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