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    MMO Champ Computer Builds (Video Editing)

    I'm sure we've all seen the monthly computer builds MMO Champ puts out, can you recommend any of these builds that would be excellent for video editing? I've always wondered what are good specs to have a machine that can rip through video...as cheap as possible but open to good value upgrades.

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    if you are doing basic cuts and transitions then you really dont need that great of a computer to edit videos. It will just take longer to render.

    Anything posted in the MMO Champ setups can edit video pretty well at an amateur level.

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    We like to ask people to give us some more info.

    Specifically a budget. Also, what games do you plan to play?

    Do you want to build a new computer or add to a current one? If the latter, please post your specs as detailed as possible. If you are unsure, run a dxdiag and post the info here.

    Do you plan to record gameplay footage or do you want to edit video captured with a camera? (Since you didn't really specify...)
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