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    how powerful are our heroes?

    So at level 60 we were just scrubs taking down bad dudes of azeroth and some of the manifestations of the old gods
    level 70 we were taking down leaders of the burning legion, horrible demons, and the sorts.
    level 80 we were facing hordes of undead, lesser titans, and what ever the lich king was (not sure how to explain)
    level 85 we were taking down the most powerful elementals and an overpowered dragon with old god powers
    level 90 we are back to killing off parts of the old gods and a race of titan constructs with the powers of the titans.
    so 95 where will we be then?

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    Smells like Burning Legion again ... but noone can really tell what it's gonna be till BlizzCon.
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    I like to think that we're just the best soldiers that the Alliance and the Horde have to offer by the time we reach max level. Nothing more, nothing incredibly special, we aren't godly or blessed by the titans or anything. Just very powerful soldiers and "skilled" at their class.
    As for the future... WoW is as WoW does, we'll always be killing ludicrously large or strong beings, and we'll always be killing a max level rabbit monster that has ~400k health that's somehow stronger than most Vanilla bosses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arian21 View Post
    Smells like Burning Legion again ... but noone can really tell what it's gonna be till BlizzCon.
    yes, new big bads in the legion that arose in the 15 years since their massive defeat on Hyjal and subsequent defeats in Outland? I really wish blizz stopped hyping u the legion in their story, Azeroth is their Gallipoli, how many more times do they need to be slaughtered, annihilated and ground into the dirt before they realise they can't win here?
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    In WotLK and Cataclysm we had helping hands, even then i think our characters are of the utmost elite in the WoW world,individually we might be not but as a whole we are.

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    pfft we are "heroes" but we are nothing special, see how it takes 10\25 of us to take down a normal orc general like Nazgrim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nearmyth View Post
    And we'll always be killing a max level rabbit monster that has ~400k health that's somehow stronger than most Vanilla bosses.
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    OP:I don't think we're too powerful. Not alone, but we can be while in groups. That's why, lorewise, there were 10/25 people killing Arthas, not just one (like it happens these days).

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    We are some midget underclass, half the size of the real heroes, only individually stronger than the critters in a raid.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So at level 60 we were pest exterminators
    level 70 we smacked sageras for having his hand in the cookie jar
    level 80 we were carrying tirion's baggage
    level 85 we kill stole off the aspects
    level 90 we wrecking a panda house party

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryre View Post
    level 80 we were carrying tirion's baggage
    This made me laugh a lot
    Quote Originally Posted by Isander View Post
    Everybody knows that the true plot of WoD was actually Khadgar lvling up his jewelcrafting
    Quote Originally Posted by Sykol View Post
    Rolled a DK and leveled it from 1 to 80 in two days.
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