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    Quote Originally Posted by Eranthe View Post
    in the beginning, yes. nowadays the encounters are tuned with boss mods in mind. so the amount of reaction time you are given is different than if boss mods didn't exist.
    That's true, but I still don't like it. Of course they should make it that way for LFR, but normals and especially heroics, I don't see any reason that people need to be using these addons that turn everything into easy-mode and hold your hand while it essentially does the encounter for you. And then they get on forums and flash their progression as if they've accomplished something.

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    I do think theres one area of WoW that actually needs to be made easier and thats PvP. The entry to pvp wasnt the gear needed. Thats just a grind and eventually everyone gets the gear. The entry barrier is really the number of keybinds people have to use is just stupid out of control. Last time I looked in the mirror I only have 2 hands. So why then do most people pvp with 40+ keybinds? Pretty sure a gaming keyboard and mouse werent on the requirements list on the back of the game. Some people will just never be good with a lot of keybinds. I have been gaming for 15 years and still cant use more than 2 hotbars worth of keybinds. So why then should I be forced out of competitive pvp? Its not like I dont know my classes in and out and have tons of playing time to understand different situations and also know what the other team can do. But because I cant use 40 keybinds that some how makes me inferior? Pretty sure 1000s of hours of gameplay makes someone good not the fact they can mash a ton of buttons.

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    I'd bring back elite quests (I loved Pyrewood Village or w/e it's called. It was a city full of elites). With CRZ it'd be easy to find groups and I'd finally have a reason to level up without BoA gear.

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    I'd like to see solo content that downscales your gear the way challenge modes do, like Brawler's guild that you can't outgear.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zdrasti View Post
    When a homeless person is rambling in the streets, it's better to ignore them than argue with them. On the internets it's clearly better to spend an entire week proving them wrong.

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    To make World of Warcraft harder:

    Battlegrounds: Add more available players to battlegrounds. (example: 30 Players in Warsong Gulch)

    Raids: Make raid bosses and the environments around them more complex and difficult. (example: jumping platforms the entire encounter to stay alive with other obstacles to avoid. not including the bosses attacks).

    World PvP: Make the servers lag more.

    Arena/RBGs: No CC's or healing.

    Auction House: Increase the cost to post items on the AH, and a high tax % on the item sold.

    Players: Make the in-game characters be required to actually sleep at an inn.

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    For every player that screams the game is too easy you have another that see's dailies and runs for the hills screaming in terror about having to do a 15 min a day activity for 3 weeks. For every person that wants a longer questing experience you have another that wants flight in mop before level 90 to make it go faster so they can get to the content they want.

    I find that players are too opinionated in various directions for players to decide what the game should be like. It makes it impossible for any company to base what they should do based on what players want and its best for them to decide how hard to make content.

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    -Heroic Dungeons Harder (TBC/cata like) with NO LFD (kinda like the H Scen is now). Rewards that reflect the difficulty and that are not so easily replaced
    -Normal Dungeons with current H Dungeon difficulty WITH LFD tool available. This way both casual and ppl who likes challenges can enjoy dungeons. Rewards only suited for LFR , not Normal raids.
    -Gear not scaling much between raids, once the next tier is released usually the raids became useless (Again, not included in LFR, let casuals be casuals and enjoy the content their way). Also this will have impact on world bosses (i like the actual system , but the first bosses get killed way too fast)
    -LFR Best gear worst than first normal raid gear (e.g. SoO LFR Gear being worst than MV normal gear). Either this or normalize gear for raids (something like challenge modes) <- only for current content, restriction removed after new exp is released.
    - Insert something about gold, there's way too much gold in game right now and you have that feeling that gold will never ran out. Things such as reforge should cost a lot more, also xmog for epic items (like gorehowl)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BetoDS View Post
    -LFR Best gear worst than first normal raid gear (e.g. SoO LFR Gear being worst than MV normal gear). Either this or normalize gear for raids (something like challenge modes) <- only for current content, restriction removed after new exp is released.
    Right, let's explode normal guilds recruitment even more. -_-

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    Create an all out PVP server where upon death they can loot your gear and gold, there would be no dungeons or raids, you can't fly or ride mounts, every time you die you lose Exp, the only area which is free of world pvp are cities(if you can make it in), you have to rely on friends to watch your back, mobs drop all type of gear if you can kill them before someone kills you, there are no flight paths or portals and no hearthstone to get you back in town. Yeah I would do that

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    Eliminating PTR boss testing and keeping Dungeon Journal and boss ability tooltips secret until it hits live would be fantastic, but that's in an ideal world where Blizzard is able to effectively test everything in-house (which they can't, encounters turn out "unpolished" according to GC). In a way, PTR is also just a way to advertise the new patch and give raiders something to look forward to.

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    Having read through alot of this its crazy to think but most of the changes Blizz made are because its what people said they want, now it seems that people want it turned back. You will never get a middle ground that everyone is happy with, tbh I think Blizz do a great job considering x million people all saying they want this, that and the other.

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    Oh look another thread where every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to know how to fix a game in which they have no clue how it works in the first place.

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    Blizz made are because its what people said they want, now it seems that people want it turned back. You will never get a middle ground that everyone is happy with, tbh I think Blizz do a great job considering x million people all saying they want this, that and the other.
    While in general I agree with you, there have been several times where they didnt listen to the majority of people and listened to a very very very small part of the community and made huge changes that have had sweeping negative effects on game play. Seperate lockouts and gear would be one such a plunder.

    I dont know that doing what the vast majority of people want is bad or not, but listening to .01% of the population and changing something that as we have seen has caused the game itself to change negatively was just bad design.

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    i dont mind how the game is right now.. i dont play this game for any challange or anything, i play because i think it's fun, and when u wipe and it takeing alot of time.. just for the sake of it.. isent fun =P since the point of the game for me is to get the best gear so i can roflstomp quest's, LFD, LFR, i wont do normal raiding.. i dont enyoy the "progression" part where u wipe and wipe and wipe for hours when u could do more fun stuff instead.. so just gief loot kkthxbye ^^
    and remove the ability to buy gold, BoT and stuff like that, since then the game would be harder for those people who actully use's that

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    It's fine as it is. Heroic raiding is difficult enough, Challenge modes are nice but could be slightly harder (then again you can always compete on time). I think these new solo challenges next tier will be fun. I hope they make more challenge modes though, definitely the most fun 5 man content!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamiyomi View Post
    The two bosses you named simply werent "Hard" in the sense of complicated as many are now. they were simply dps checks and wouldnt work without serious mechanic restructuring outside of a 40 man context. Imagine Vael with 10 people. Oh look the enrage timer is now 1.5 min instead of 8 min. But the actual mechanics of both of those fights just arent hard. If tuned for 90 as you suggest, id say those two fights would be even easier than Jin'Rohk
    Technically no boss is hard. The only reason those two are mentioned is because Razorgore prevented you from downing any bosses in the dungeon. You don't kill him, you don't go forward. It was a hard fight, and people used an exploit where you had a Paladin use Divine Intervention to clear the adds.

    But nobody here is questioning the difficulty of normal and heroic raids. That's not the area that needs attention.

    Quote Originally Posted by Strangewayes View Post
    Weird, I expected everyone in this thread to have All current Heroic kills and max Brawlers guild ranks with multiple PVP glad titles
    Again, nothing wrong with that content. Though PvP is only to the extent that your class and spec allows. For example...

    1700 Ret LF RBG

    I can assure you that people are not flocking to grab that Ret. The point though is that the content before normal and heroic raids are too easy. Causes a massive jump for players new to normals. The rewards for normal and heroic raids don't justify doing them for a lot of people. LFR needs to go away and flex raiding should be the new LFR. Heroic dungeons need to be Heroic.

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