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    (PvP) Tyrannical Pirmal Diamond

    Im in full Tyrannical gear and im trying to figure out if getting the aforementioned PvP meta is worth it for a rogue. I generally play Assassination. for the most part, im gemming near full mastery.

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    Hopefully I don't get in trouble for linking this:


    But this seriously sums it up, and the short answer is : Yes. I would actually stockpile a second Tyrannical Primal Diamond if you can because from what I understand you won't be able to buy them next season without meeting a particular rating requirement. And even if there is no rating requirement it would be nice to have one right away rather than later into the season.
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    Why would you get in trouble for linking to AJ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by achromatickang View Post
    Hopefully I don't get in trouble for linking this:
    With the exception of the most obvious things (NC-17 content), advertising, memes in most circumstances and anything that really jumps out at you as a completely bad idea, links are absolutely fine. If the discussion we're having has already been discussed in detail elsewhere - why waste time rehashing it? By all means, provide a link to the information.

    This is a perfect example of someone who's done a lot more math and has already posted the information on it - very helpful.

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