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    Can't solo Conclave of the Winds

    Many people say soloing Conclave is impossible, especially for non-dks. But I actually did not see the reason why. Sure you always have two of those three debuffs (-500% haste; Permanent Silence; No Heal), since you can not stand on more than one platform at the time, but I do not consider that a problem.

    Obviously, I have to kill the Silence Guy at first. I put my Mogu from Mogu Trinket to the Haste Guy and have no problems at all. LoL that works... DESPAWN!

    Hmm okay, so I will not use any Mirror Images or summoned minions and just live with -500% haste. In those important 5 seconds before that debuff I build my super burst and create 6 instant pyros in a row and the Silence Guy is dead. No more Silence, no more haste debuff! Two more minutes to kill 12 mio life of the other guys. Impossible to solo? Bitc* please! So let's get other with... DESPAWN!

    Ok maybe I need to stay in melee range to not make Nezir despawn. Ha, it seems to work. After all, I might really do it. Okay, he is hitting a little hard, but what do I have my Mirror Images for? They will buy me time until I... DESPAWN!

    Those annoying djinns are indeed impossible to solo. But only because they seem to despawn without any reason (or for whatever reason)!
    What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: Did I mention that I must not use Iceblock? Because if I do, they will... well guess what.
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    What am I doing wrong?
    Anshal summons adds, the adds can't reach anyone and evade, causing the encounter to despawn. They don't function like the bosses do and will actually reset the encounter if they can't reach anyone. Not being able to reach Anshal's platform before nurture is cast and the adds evade would probably cause what you're seeing.

    That'd be my guess.

    (also, DKs aren't even the best class for the fight )

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    But actually, Anshal has - like every other djinn - an ability that is triggered when he has no opponent on his platform. That would be meaningless, if the fight is over, when Anshal casts 'Lol no heal anymore' anyway.
    Besides, they do sometimes despawn earlier, sometimes later. It seems to be a reaction to my behaviour.

    Good guess, but I do not think this is the answer.

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    Good guess, but I do not think this is the answer.
    Well, you're free to think whatever you want.

    But it took all of 10 minutes to log in, run there, and double-check it. Very obvious that it's nurture adds, considering it's constantly despawning ~10s after he starts casting it (which, considering how long it takes for the adds to spawn and go active, means they despawn a few seconds after the adds notice I'm not reachable).

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    I appreciate your effort, but

    how comes then, that I have had tries which were ongoing for more than a minute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcaneFrostFire View Post
    I appreciate your effort, but

    how comes then, that I have had tries which were ongoing for more than a minute?
    because Nurture isn't on a steady timer. sometimes he casts it later than other times.
    Because I want to say this every single day but don't want it to get a drag:
    1) The ingame store will only sell timesaver items. It won't affect balance.
    2) No, getting to 100 in half the time isn't pay2win. raids don't start until the second week, everyone has time to get there.
    4) getting charms faster is also not pay2win. getting those is easy, but not everyone has the time or want for dailies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Braindwen View Post
    (also, DKs aren't even the best class for the fight )
    If you're not using the bug, that is

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