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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Nicely done. I'd fully support Ethereals; the customization options are potentially gigantic, and they're just a generally cool and interesting race.

    They'd probably be neutral, but I could see them going Alliance too. Horde already has a profit-driven race.
    Alliance already have one space travelling race, horde have none (Orcs is indeed from another planet, but not space travellers)...
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    Yes, please. One I keep wanting to see playable. Similar build to Blood Elf, it would work nicely with gear. And wouldn't be hard to tweak it into having a lady version as well.

    Also, rock paper scissors emote is required.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    Nicely done. I'd fully support Ethereals; the customization options are potentially gigantic, and they're just a generally cool and interesting race.

    They'd probably be neutral, but I could see them going Alliance too. Horde already has a profit-driven race.

    Yep. I want Ethereals so much more than I'd want recolored blood elves. Ever.

    That said, I'd prefer if their mounts were more towards the sci-fi side like draenei tech was. Something like a space-ship that is pretty advanced, but also still fitting with WoW. That'd be sweet.

    Hell, there could even be one big ethereal city that the horde and alliance ethereals share (better than pandaren who get nothing) which is like a circular space station.. only, you'd teleport towards it like the old Naxxramas teleporter. That'd be pretty sweet.

    Neutral OR Alliance. Not Horde. Horde has goblins as trader race. Could easily accept neutral, but not Horde.

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    I'd easily race change most of my characters if they become playable, always thought they were badass, and love their blurry movement animation

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    Ethereals should go to the Alliance via affinity with the Draenei (Consortium leaders are allied with the Sha'tar), Ogres should (finally) go to the Horde.

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    About that circular space station. It could look somewhat like:

    The teleporter could teleport you to it, and in truth, it'd be a somewhat locked place, in another separate instance. (like with continents)

    The illusion of in-space could be done with windows through which you can see a space skybox and planets all around you. Would be sweet.

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    Sounds great, although I wouldn't give them death knights or hunters, since they don't really need to hunt. But I'd give them rogues.

    Edit: A Mount similar to what General Grevious uses in Star wars would be awesome.

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    Noooope. Giant warp-stalker mounts for EVERYONE, not just one side. Those are too badass to let just one faction have 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Surgeon View Post
    They could make the armor more segmented, so you'd be able to see a fair amount of the visuals. Chestpieces don't have sleeves and gloves/bracers stop halfway to the forearm, so you can see arms, pants are more like shorts and boots are relatively low, to show legs.
    Just give even the male ethereals the female armor models and you'll see as much of the ethereal visuals as you want.
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    Ethereals are awesome, so I totally support this idea. They are very unique, as far as I know, nothing similar exists in any other game. I see them being neutral because if only one faction got them, there would be no end to the complains from the other faction. But they should have the same mount regardless of which side you choose, like pandaren. And they definitely should NOT be able to be death knights as it doesn't make sense at all.

    However, there are some difficulties. They don't have a face and they might lack customization due to being pure energy wrapped in bandages. And because of that, the only difference in appearance would be the gear they are wearing. Also, they currently have only one gender. But if they were implemented, I guess they would find a way to solve these problems.

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    Third faction would be a wet dream :P Surprised goblins didn't become a third, neutral faction. Sure they could still attack alliance and horde as they wish. Battlegrounds would be come more fun and strategic too with 3 factions.

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    What would the female version be?

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    I have an unhealthy obsession with them space mummies, so I'd be more than eager to play one. However, I think it'd be more fitting to create a completely new playable faction than use an existing one (the ones that you put in). For example some business company co-ruled by two ethereals, which then falls apart and they go separate ways (one to Alliance and the other to Horde respectively). Protectorate, in my opinion, would work better as a major neutral reputation faction; the overseers of re-colonizing of K'aresh, aided by Consortium, Sha'tar etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by ace94 View Post
    What would the female version be?
    Slimmer, more feminine body shape?

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    I would imagine rogues would be more suited for Ethereals than Death knights, but they could definitely be paladins, priests and even monks. From what we see with the Ethereum in Burning Crusade, they bind themselves with the Void. Considering their bodies are just energy now, they act as a conduit for magic. That could easily translate into the Light, or fel energy. But they're also spies and such, making them very good rogues.
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    "Armadillos" are in no way, shape, or form equal to Warp Stalkers as a mount idea.

    At any rate... how would you "customize" them? They don't have faces, hair, or any of that good stuff... beyond picking bandage color and energy color, I really don't see many options for customization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
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    Good, but I have different class ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ace94 View Post
    What would the female version be?

    But right now they look like this if they are naked:

    Also they had a body once:
    Originally, Ethereals had physical form. When Dimensius the All-Devouring assaulted their homeworld of K'aresh, however, the dark energies he wielded ripped apart their bodies. Only their advanced technology allowed them to survive - barely - as beings of pure energy

    So in theory it would be posible to play those who didnt lose their pysical form.
    Something like this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    They'd probably be neutral, but I could see them going Alliance too. Horde already has a profit-driven race.
    Of course, it's only certain factions within the Ethereals that are profit driven. Others are not. Of course, how that would play into player perceptions is anyones guess


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    Seems like a pretty cool idea to me.

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    I think the Death Knight part is a bit of a stretch, personally I'd put a rogue there over a DK. But outside of that, I love the idea, wish it would happen.

    Good read.

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