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    Speed painted WoW Wallpaper

    I made this in just an hour or so. I know I shouldn't have said that, would ruin the whole picture. Anyway, do you like it and want to see more? Which one is better, the top or the bottom?

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    I'm sorry but I can't really see what it is? Don't be mad at me but all I see are: eyes, nose, mouth, brown hairs(?), is that a face? Also this World of Warcraft logo with white pixels is really annoying.

    I just want to say you should work more on this painting because it isn't something I'd like to see on my Wallpaper

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    Uhm whut? Try scaling down the pictures, maybe then we can see what it's supposed to be?

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    Fixed it. It's a tauren.

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    Erm no offense, I couldn't do any better but it looks more like a retarded horseman hybrid :|
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    Nah, I disagree with your elitist mentality.
    Tier gear should be available during the leveling process. I don't want to have to mingle with these eltitist jerks in LFR to get gear as it is. I pay a sub fee, I shouldn't have to do LFR to get raid gear, much less Flex or Normal.

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    looks like a cross between a tauren, warthog and lion

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    looks like a naked tauren. nice job using so man colors - i couldnt do better myself. Were you using a mouse? Maybe a stylus/tablet would have created a better environment to draw.
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    Some sort of Tauren/lion hybrid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mishweh View Post
    Fixed it. It's a tauren.
    Ah, I see.
    Erm, you may need to work into it a bit more.

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    i don't know why but i thought it was Chuck Norris, no joke.

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    Is this a slick advertisement for laughing cow cheese?

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