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    i love this idea

    also, bgs with more than one sure-fire win strategy would be good too. it's boring doing the same old rinse/repeat thing over and over
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    I could use my 2 blacklists for something else, like strand and gilneas. I like regular bgs to just hop in and dominate the battlefield, but on the other hand I also like the idea of a huge "war campaign" match, playing AV and actually going to buff up your guards and summon gigantic bosses and stuff.

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    want this so much

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    I liked the old Alterac Valley, lots of secondary things you could do to affect the fight. Although i wish the supply/mount part had been a bit more worthwile.

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    I just hope they bring the oldskool AV back with boss summoning etc. If ppl don't like that, well then queue for the short ones. I just hope it doesn't end up getting the butchered treatment like Scarlet Monastery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    should make the same thread on EU to get better coverage, all in for it

    ps. also bring back the summonable bosses, vanilla 2.0 RAWRRRWRSRS

    Great idea, but I don't have an EU account. If someone who does sees this, please feel free to repost over there! The more exposure the better.

    I really liked the idea that someone posted about campaign points: opens a whole new world of possibilities regarding rewards. Will write up a post about that later.

    I don't think AV needs much to be updated. It just needs much, much beefier NPCs and an increase in reinforcements. The rest will fall into place after that.

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    Hell to the yes.

    I might actually get back into Pvp...
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    Sounds interesting. I'd give it a shot.

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    I would love to see this happen!
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    Modifications to AV and IOC so they would normally last 30+ minutes and include more actual pvp would be awesome. I'm all for it.

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    YES !! I would just PvP for these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slant View Post
    TL;DR: Did raiding kill WoW? Nope. But catering the game to people who clearly shouldn't be playing it did.

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    I really, really, really don't want AV and IoC to be REMOVED from the random BG list. If they do remove them from normal BG list, they better make them just as efficient honor wise as the normal BGs. I will be extremely annoyed if AV and IoC won't be good for honor anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    I really, really, really don't want AV and IoC to be REMOVED from the random BG list. If they do remove them from normal BG list, they better make them just as efficient honor wise as the normal BGs. I will be extremely annoyed if AV and IoC won't be good for honor anymore.

    AV's downfall is due to not awarding enough honor for the time spent in it(when it lasted and hour and longer)
    OF COURSE, the system will be optimized to make them worth your time.
    Even introduce Campaign points, as someone stated earlier.

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    I miss Ivus!!!!!!!!!!

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    This would be fantastic, make it happen Blizzard.

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    Fucking absolutely!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celawien View Post
    I miss Ivus!!!!!!!!!!
    I miss all the specials in that battleground.

    Sorry for the bump, but an update to this...

    @holinka any chance of implementing a TB type zone with pvp dailies that gear scales similar to a bg?? Bring some wpvp back

    Would like to have big PvP zone again. Feel like we've learned a lot of lessons and have new server technology to make it work.

    Why bother? You guys just like TB and WG die away.

    I understand people want stuff to last forever, but there is something to be said for content having a period of relevance.

    Not sure making a new one is worth it when you can just retune the ones you already have. Agree content has a lifespan but

    IoC, AV, WG and TB will always be around. May as well use them, demand is there: … :-) - feel free to add your own thoughts by tweeting to him!

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    I would but if they add IOC to it that would be HORRIBLE unless they remake it. IOC and ancients just need to go.

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    I would love something like this. I was not max level in vanilla and never did any classic AVs, but I watched my roommate play them and they looked like a blast.
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