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    Favorite class combo for questing/world content

    Which two classes do you think complement each other the best when questing, exploring, leveling and doing pve content?

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    Druid and Pala obviously. xD

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    Used to be warrior and any healer back in the day.

    Any damage hybrid spec with the potential to heal and a mage would probably be best these days.

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    What do you think has the most synergy with a druid or a priest?

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    Class combo hmmmm Warlock , Mage for questing = insta kills 90% of the time.

    Best dungeon combo imo is Druid, Paladin = both have tank & healer and can dps very well.

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    druid pally actually sounds awesome

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    Two disc priest. 0 down time.

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    I think two hunters could easily tear ass across Azeroth and beyond.

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    between me and my two other homies we have a druid/warr/hunter combo. at any time two of us are usually on. we do good.

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    Moonkin/Spriest and a blood DK. Mass pull anything and the moonkin/spriest can heal and dps

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    you think a pally or dk would be better for the tank role?

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    Blood DK/Warlock is my personal favourite. You can tackle anything with that combo, though Blood DK/Hybrid Heal/DPS works even better, maybe. I can see Blood mass pull + Ele Sham AoE being quite potent for instance.
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    Probably any two you can imagine, depends on the people behind the keyboard.

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    Ya I see what you are saying but obviously theres gotta be some combinations that are simply better than others. But ya I depends on what you're trying to do. I think tank/healer also is beneficial if you wanna run a dungeon so you don't have to wait forever.

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    Prot Warrior and Resto/Elemental Shaman was very effective for me and my friend.

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    BloodDK and any spec druid.
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    I don't think DK / Anything will work because one of them would start at level 1, and the other at 55. That would make for a poor leveling experience for the first while.
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    When my husband and I quested together we had a Pally (Ret) and Hunter combo. My pet tanked and him and I did damage. He has since made a Lock that is his main, so next xpac we will be leveling with it instead of the Pally.

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    The Patient
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    Balance druid and Warlock

    The warlock brings a tanking pet strong engouh to hold agro on packs, and is powerful as a DPS
    The owl brings good simple dps, powerful controls and utilities, and strong support heal in case it's needed.

    And yes I love multidotting while fire and storm rain on all those foolish enough to stand in our way !!!

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    Warlock and the voidwalker.

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