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  • Burning Crusade

    60 22.14%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    173 63.84%
  • Cataclysm

    6 2.21%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    32 11.81%
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    Question Best Expansion THEME

    which expansion, in ur opinion, had the best theme?
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    Wrath, the Lich King story just felt so epic.

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    Wrath was a cool expansion but honestly... it's theme was basically "Death" and "Snow"... God by the end of wrath I was so sick of seeing skulls.
    I enjoy the serene paradise nature of mists and it's Asiatic theme more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morros View Post
    Wrath, the Lich King story just felt so epic.
    That's story, not theme. Theme would be like the land, buildings, creatures and such.
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    Its not a matter of opinion when FACTS back up the fact that this is one of the best expansions they have ever created.

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    50/50 between Wrath and BC.

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    Wrath of the Lich King.

    Consistent storytelling from start to finish FTW.

    Let us not also forget two of the most badass Raid Bosses in the same raid mid-expansion:


    Algalon the Raid Destroyer:

    I admit at first I didn't get what Ulduar had to do with the rest of the expansion but it fits. Old God's gotta make himself known in every expansion =P

    C'Thun in Vanillia
    Unnamed Old God the Arrakoa tried to summon in Outland
    Yogg-Saron in Northrend
    N'Zoth and C'Thun again in Cataclysm
    Y'Saarg on Pandaria (despite technically being dead)
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    Wrath had the best overall theme and feel that meshed together very well, from the zones of northrend and quests to the raids being pretty damn good. So i'd have to say as an overall expansion WOTLK did alot of things right.
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    I dont really know tbh. I played the warcraft series when I was a kid, and the major reason why I started to play World of Warcraft was because I knew the story, I had visited the areas before through campaigns in warcraft I, II, III etc and more importantly I knew who was the bad guy.

    For me, expansions like Cataclysm (a novice lore noob like myself) was a bit meh. That said, I think I enjoyed WOTLK mostly due to the appearance of the Lich King now and then, from level 70 up to level 80. NPCs known from the campaign back in WC3 came back and made me all happy.
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    If WLK was more like BC, it would have been the best ever. BC is my fav.

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    Mmm, vanilla didn't have one consistent theme, TBC was kind of all over the place as well. I also felt some of the more spacey aspects of it didn't really fit WoW.

    Wrath was the first expansion to have a strong consistent theme. With a little variation in the Malygos and Ulduar side-plots. Cataclysm was a bit all over the place in theme, although most individual zones and raids were good. I guess for me it's between MoP and Wrath.
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    Really difficult but i've got to say Wrath, I loved the feel of being on an expedition to a frozen continent to basically save the world.

    Pandaria comes a close second and then BC.

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    Wrath of the Lich King, totally loved the theme.

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    Even though I enjoyed BC a whole lot more (I guess I was more of a noob and had more fun lol)

    WotLK music theme had soooooo many feels.
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    It was a REAL toss up between WotLK and BC for me. I like the way the world looked in BC for its chaos, but WotLK REALLY succeeded in creating the atmosphere of desolation and destruction it needed to set the place for the story.

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    WotLK. I am crazy about snow and mountains. BC was also good and I really like Udum and TH in cata.

    MoP makes me vomit. Looks like a tryhard asian mmo for kids.
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    I would say WotLK easily, but a lot of that is because I have waited for it since WC3:TFT. And continuing that story-line was extremely satisfying.

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    Wrath for me. I've always been a sucker for icy environments and snow in video games, and of course there's the Arthas factor that really helped set the mood.

    I also liked the BC atmosphere, as I'm a space fanatic. The destroyed alien world setting was beautiful.

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    MoP makes me vomit. Looks like a tryhard asian mmo for kids.
    Try harder.

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    Any poll like this wrath wins. I don't even see why you bothered to make this thread.
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    How about you think about what you're doing before you make a thread like this.

    Anytime somebody makes a thread along the lines of "What expansion had the best X," WotLK will always win. It's a fact.

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    Definitely BC. My favourite expansion still. Gotta love demons

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