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    Am I going to be the only one who likes that Druid set?

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    I love how he was asked about the cloaks looking awful, that they're just beach towels hanging off us and not actual cloaks and he just completely ignored it. If you're going to make us work tediously all expansion for something as lame as a cloak update the damn model. Give us one that goes over the shoulder, doesn't clip and blows in the breeze.

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    Paladin set (Blueish version) is going to go well with my Tyrael's Charger!

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    tier sets continue getting ugly. dear blizz, hire a new drawing team, yours ran out of ideas several tiers ago

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    Didn't we already have sets that looked like this before? >_>

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    I've always enjoyed the fact that tier sets are always the worst designs ever when revealed but you see people praise them more and more as the game goes on... Hell, in an expansion or two, people will be using these as their transmog gear.

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    I play a dk and i like paladin set (Red version) Alot better then dks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zannypants View Post
    Doesn't mean much when only 1/5th is the actual playerbase.
    I wonder how many of that 3 Million got refunds after it didn't live up to the hype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD Arbsbear View Post
    I wonder how many of that 3 Million got refunds after it didn't live up to the hype.
    You'll keep wondering,because you will never find out.But one thing is certain.The game is still played a lot from many players

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    The Druid Tier 16 set looks like its been using the Trojan Vibrating Twister.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyesma81 View Post
    Anyway, 'bleeding' or not, the current playerbase is still 5x of newer mmos after all this time.
    Though that may be true, WoW also has possibly up to or more than 50x the number of servers that newer MMOs have. An MMO with as much content as WoW on a server like US-Medivh that seems to have maybe 200 active Horde definitely feels like a dying (or bleeding out) game.

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    The new sets don't stand out at all. They may as well be hunter or warrior sets. Generic dark armor with a few bright-coloured aspects. Blizzard should hire some new "idea guys" for their Tier designs.

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    One of the few reasons I stopped playing this game... THEY'RE STILL GIVING PALADINS FUCKING DRESSES.

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    Oh goodness...Another atrocity placed atop a Druid's head. I really have to question why they have insisted on making Druid helms so fucking awful since LK. With the exception of T8 I don't think I have liked a Druid tier helm in this game for a very long time. Always ends up looking VERY bad. /hands head

    At least I have my Troll's eyepatch for xmog.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    it disapp. me that now there's a leg. for everyone and it's a cloak thats shaped like a towel and clips models. Why no weapon?
    We feel like we've done that a lot before. We want to keep things fresh. When rewards are too predictable they get boring.
    These are a pretty different design than Fangs / Wrath. The problem with those was the expectation / entitlement.
    When there is too much expectation, the item goes from feeling like a bonus to a penalty.
    The "expectation/entitlement" is mostly Blizzard's fault - they gave us a legendary weapon in classic WoW and every expansion afterward prior to MoP. MoP was partially a welcome change from the norm in that we got a legendary gem and meta, but many still had the reasonable belief that at the end we would be rewarded for our efforts with a weapon. Sorry Blizzard, but the cloak slot isn't all that "legendary".


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    Druid set is ok looking... but its not really druidish!

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    The "problem" with the Tier sets isn't that they necessarily look bad. It's that they look bad on the male human model. We don't really get to see how cool they look until we see them on appropriate races. The druid and shaman ones for example probably look much better on a tauren, for example. I play a troll and I hold my judgements until I can view the sets on a 3d model viewer.

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    Did MMO-Champ skip the Priest Tier 16 video?

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    rip gw2, seriously

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilthresa View Post
    rip gw2, seriously
    Not gona happen.GW2 will go just like GW1 did.For 5 more years with a three or four enxpansions until GW3 is out
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