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    We are not anywhere close to top, but at least we're in a much better spot than in t14. Our scaling hasn't been this good since, what, t11? You do need LMG, UVLS and at least 12-13k Haste to be effective though.

    Must be an issue with you, not the class. Inbefore I play with shit Locks, the one I'm comparing myself to is getting ranked regularly (11/13 HC, so nowhere close to BiS gear, so obivously can't compete for the top spots).
    Yeah, I'm sure that's why I rank on WoLs too. I have 2pc, 536 uvls and 17.2k haste and the dps is still garbage.

    It's been said over and over again that if your locks/mages are loosing to your shadow priest on anything but elegon or horridon, its time to recruit new ones. Its been like this since we were in 463 blues and the same when we're at 550 epics.

    If it's too late to re-roll lock, go find those KJC nerf QQ threads in the warlock sections and bath in their tears. (although I guess is not applicable anymore either)

    Spriest have been QQ-ing since release for a way to get orbs before a pull but not even a tweet mentioning it while a couple weeks of lock QQ before the patch is even in ptr = KJC nerf reverted.

    Oh and don't hold your breath for anything being done about it either. If you paid attention to priest changes on the mmo-champ homepage it usually looks like this

    "Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change
    Disc change

    Holy change
    Holy change
    Holy change
    Holy change

    Shadow pvp nerf that will bleed into pve"
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    Did you actually just compare SP viability in 5.0/5.1 to what it is now? I never said SPs are beating Mages or Locks. But if you are losing to players of those classes with 10 iLvls or worse gear, the problem is the player, not the class.

    Since the OP hasn't linked any logs, we don't know where he is, but if he's close to losing his raidspot because of low Dps, it's pretty obvious that mistakes are being made, mistakes that need to be sorted for his Dps to get where it's supposed to be.
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    "Hey do you mind helping me out with my class?"
    Sure thing, do you mind giving any additional information?
    "I will give you nothing more and you will like it."

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