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    Help with 5.4: inscript & tailor.

    Hi, i have like 40 scrolls of wisdom, 60 imperial silk and i don't have any reputation/recipes/spirit of harmony to do anything with them.

    Any ideea how can i get some profit of those? I heard of 5.4 profession changes but i`m not up to date with these 2.

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    The new tailoring patterns use a different cloth (Celestial Cloth) from what I've seen so the imperial silk will be useless. No rep and no recipes...maybe try getting a pattern or do some dailies and make royal satchels.

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    Aye thanks, i guess i`ll farm warbringers and warscouts for some reputation too

    How about inscription?

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    For tailoring as Raidbozz stated, your best bet atm is to make bags. That is and will be a large market when 5.4 gets closer. You'd be surprised at how much the bag market goes up when a new patch hits, the demand just gets crazy, especially when there are profession changes about.

    As for your insc nothing has really been changed just yet for the profession, of course things can happen in the course of PTR testing, they have before and always will. So there isn't really anything to hoard until 5.4 concerning inscription.

    Making profit with these two professions is pretty easy, sell bags and bolts for tailoring, if you can afford to and there is a large demand, make some boe's and starter pvp sets. As for insc, just go ahead and make all the "recommended glyphs" go to the top guild in your realm and figure out what their raid team is using for glyphs, of course this varies day-to-day and fight-to-fight but you should be able to get a good understanding as to what is in demand from people who have the same class.

    Keep in mind that the glyph market is what is known as a "babysitting" market. Meaning there is so much competition on every server, just about, for glyphs that you pretty much have to sit at the auction house during peak times in order to pull in a good amount of profit. You might also find yourself resetting glyph sub markets, so if one type of glyph is priced at 3g per, you would buy out all the glyphs that are 3g to whatever G and then repost them at the price you wish to sell them for.

    Hope i helped
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    Yup thanks a lot you are right :P

    I just hope there will be something new added so i can use those scrolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightswifty View Post
    Yup thanks a lot you are right :P

    I just hope there will be something new added so i can use those scrolls
    There will not be anything new added, at least nothing big. What you see is what you get with inscription. Prepare shoulder patches and off-hands (people will still buy for alt gearing) - or check the current prices on DMF cards - while not as super profitable as they were I'm certainly turning a profit on them still - but that may be server specific.

    In general I'm reluctant to comment because it will simply depend a lot on whether your server is one that is going to be effected by the new virtual realms and their merged ah's and what effect that will be.

    Personally I'm selling a bunch of the stuff I have stockpiled *now* i.e. pre-patch - coming from a small server with relatively high prices as they tend to be, the merger will most likely cause prices to drop. Having more gold in reserve to increase my buying power in the new economy, instead of a bunch of stuff I made at higher prices, will be more beneficial. However it could all also fall through and leave me scrambling around patch time, so I guess we'll see.

    eta: PTR now has a few new glyphs - no indication on how they're learned, but guessing research.
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