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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    I dont want to go into whole "game is losing subs omg dead", but the fact that it is losing subs is not secret. The dead part..well its far from it still.

    Each expansion has had their share of very long last tiers.
    ICC and DS lasted about year, while Sunwell lasted 8 (to be fair Black temple lasted about year because you couldnt replace BT with Zul'aman) - also if you never got to sunwell level then you were stuck in BT for while..

    I feel that the sub base is more shakier and trigger happy on unsub/wow-break buttons than ever before.
    Can they really get away with year long tiers anymore? Around ICC with hardly any competition on the mmo market, gradually making it easier for pugs to be alive it seemed to be enough to keep people subbed. But I dont think those things will help this time anymore - there is competition on MMO-market and stuff like next gen consoles are coming soon.

    I dont wanna go blaming LFR but look, if you can see the whole raid in possibly 2nd week, or inside month of release..why would person like that sub for next 11 months after that?

    But to be fair, flex raiding and the possible small patch might help a bit this expansion compared to lest say Cata - but is it enough?
    Will we see another "Get annual pass and get.. uuh.. heartstone beta"?
    If people are quitting the game because they "saw" the content in LFR why aren't normal/heroic mode raiders quitting once they "see" the content? LFR is fine stop making up bullshit to justify your wannabe hardcore elitism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    To those who think it won't happen this time around, I wouldn't be so sure. One thing, anything can happen. They could lose 5 key people in the next week that could set them back months. Turnover happens. Things happen. Past success shouldn't be a measure of future results.

    Secondly, I think they've already thrown in the towel on Mists of Pandaria. They already conceded that subs will continue to drop this expansion. If they need to make 5.4 drag out an extra 2-3 months to make the next expansion better, then I believe that is a loss they're willing to take. They already did this before with Mists. Dragon Soul would have been shorter than 10 months, if they didn't decide to re-do the Jade Forest and add two new zones at the last minute.
    When was the last time Blizzard made massive changes in development staff (and I'm talking about current games that are live not Titan)? Oh right never. In fact Blizzard has been hiring a lot of new people for Wow not to mention many of the staff that got shifted over from Titan. There is no chance in hell that 5.4 is going to last more than 6-7 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchor View Post
    I'm quite sure it -will- take a year before the next expansion. They make more sales when they let people get bored for several months...
    It's easier to hype up a game to someone that hasn't played it in a while.
    Are you kidding me? What company uses a business model that relies on pissing off customers so they quit in order to get them to buy new things? Seriously? Blizzard makes their profit on subscriptions not box sales. Box sales mostly just cover development and marketing costs and do make a minor profit on it but Wow is a subscription service so that is where the money is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickname View Post
    They'll just have to accept the potential loss in sub numbers, each time they let a final raid last a year i'm guessing they try the patience of players more and more and I doubt they'll get away with letting another raid last an entire year without mass sub losses.
    Which is exactly why 5.4 won't last a year and the entire reason they made huge fundamental changes to their development process and hiring new developers and artists. Anyone who actually believes 5.4 is going to last a year after the fast content patches we have had are just being willfully ignorant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akoroth View Post
    Here are my predictions that i made a few months ago:

    August - 5.4 - SoO
    October - 5.5 - Daily Zone / Lore patch / 1 boss raid / prelude to next expansion
    November - Blizzcon - New expansion announcement + beta released a few weeks / days later, possibly even released during the opening ceremony or immediately after blizzcon, possibly annual pass with beta access again
    February - 6.0 expac
    A 4 month beta starting during the holidays when Blizzard typically takes the last week of December off? No. Not going to happen. A May release is far more likely or maybe even April but certainly not as early as February.

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    As long as players are happy and enjoy the game, the team doesn't mind extreme peaks and valleys. They just want to ensure you have a great experience and feel like you got your money's worth.
    If you truly believe that, Blizzard, show me you mean it. Because WoD didn't show me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wombinator04 View Post
    I really think Blizz will have the next expansion out by this Christmas or early next year. They keep hiring more people and said their trying to produce content on a faster level.
    A 3 month raid tier? What? You can't be serious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    in my opinion they are already pushing it with this 3 quests patch 5.3 already. if 5.4 lasted a whole year better be a shit load of content.
    I like how someone is complaining about not enough content in 5.3 after all the endless bitching and whining over the two previous patches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    the new scenarios are allright but i mostly play for the lore. i was expecting a nice daily hub to play through instead i got 3 quests and then a vendor that sold gear i already outleveled with the same damn recolour of a set death knights have like 5 versions of
    Thank the crybabies for there not being new dailies in 5.3. I knew as soon as they implemented the daily changes in 5.0 that it wouldn't last long. God forbid there be content for multiple playstyles.

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    Huh? SoO won't drop on live realms until at least late August/Early September.. do you actually think the new expansion won't be out until September 2014?.. The next expansion will be out around next spring for sure, so that's about 6-7 months, or half a year. Even then we are definitely getting more content patches after SoO, there just won't be any more raids, I'm sure they will add things like the lore progression that was done in 5.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by FruitBat69 View Post
    I reckon it will, well maybe not a year but a september/autum/ winter release for next expac (As always). Also expect another annual pass to trap players who are easily allured to a free mount and next expansion hype . They'll announce this pass perfectly timed with the expansion announcement. If it was less than a year (roughly away) I believe we would of heard of the expansion by now for sure.
    No not as always especially not when their current expansion development cycle is now 18 months instead of 24. Why on earth do you people keep spouting this nonsense? The annual pass wasn't a trap it was for people who knew they would be playing for an extended time. I got the pass because I knew I would still be playing and guess what? I still am. It isn't Blizzard's problem that many of their customers have zero common sense or ability to plan ahead.

    As far as expansion news goes no we wouldn't be hearing anything until at most 2-3 months before Blizzcon as this is typically when they register their new expansion name. I like how people use the word "always" and then follow with absolutely blatantly false information when this is common knowledge by now. It is borderline trolling at best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkblade95 View Post
    Blizzard want content to come out faster so I highly doubt it. I'm really surprised at how quick we're getting an new expansion reveal so soon. So I guess sometime next year. Most likely end of next year is when it'll be released. MOP feels like it's gone by very quickly to me. LOL
    It isn't early not at all. When Blizzcon happens Mop will be just over a year old with at least 4 more months of Mop before the new expansion. They are NOT waiting until the end of 2014 to release it. Seriously just stop it already. We had more than enough of this nonsense during the Mop beta and every single last one of you who claimed Mop would be released for Christmas were proven wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybourne View Post
    It's much healthier (both financially for Blizzard and psychologically for players) to take a break at the end of the expansion. Refreshes people's minds making them more likely to buy the new expansion.
    How is Blizzard getting less profit from subscriptions due to players taking a break "financially healthy"? Jesus christ. Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3620 View Post
    They will not be able to put anything out to stop the sub loss so not sure if it matters how long the tier goes.. The massive sub loses will start the week after final lfr comes out. For a lot of people beating SoO in lfr is there end game, so when that happens not a whole lot of reason to keep playing.
    No. Just no. People aren't going to quit the game after LFR any more than people quit the game after clearing normal modes. There is a lot of things to do in game now that don't revolve solely around raiding. This isn't a "pick up and play once and put down" type of game and never has been and never will be even with things like LFR. These inane claims are just complete bullshit.

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    I can see the next X-pack launching in April. May at the latest. Not a chance of SoO lasting a year.

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    If it lasts a year it lasts a year. I wont run out of things to do. First, SoO is 13 bosses which will take a while to clear anyway for most people (myself included). Also, I have alts to gear up and a couple to finish levelling. If I get everything done I want to, at my current pace it will take me at least 9 months. I doubt SoO will last a year but if it goes a little longer than ToT then it's no big deal.

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    Let's assume an August 5.4 release, which gives us 5+ months of ToT.
    I think it is safe to say SoO will last longer than ToT, say +2 months? And the 6.0 transition patch will take another 2-3 months. Overall we get 5+2+3=10 months, that's next May/June for the expansion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chult View Post
    They know full well that people drop when things drag on too long, and have stated as much. Hence why they've pushed content faster. I wouldn't even be surprised if SOO isn't the final tier of MoP. Expect 5.4 to have a 6-8 month shelf life, imo.
    Siege is the last raid tier and Blizzard has told us this repeatedly since Mop was first announced nearly 2 years ago. I don't know why people keep saying things like this especially on a site where this kind of news get posted on a daily basis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FruitBat69 View Post
    They've done it before and will probably do it again, I reckon SoO will be roughly 10 months. I bet also they will have another annual pass.
    Except no they won't. They have more people working on Wow than ever before and this was before they even moved developers from Titan to Wow. We have gotten regular patches on time nearly every time since Mop launched so I'm not sure why people think Blizzard is just going to suddenly stop releasing content faster just so they can milk Mop for a bit longer. They can't afford to let 5.4 last too long.

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    Are you saying SoO will last shorter than ToT? 6-8 months of SoO makes sense to me if 5.4 is August.

    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Siege is the last raid tier and Blizzard has told us this repeatedly since Mop was first announced nearly 2 years ago. I don't know why people keep saying things like this especially on a site where this kind of news get posted on a daily basis.

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    Except no they won't. They have more people working on Wow than ever before and this was before they even moved developers from Titan to Wow. We have gotten regular patches on time nearly every time since Mop launched so I'm not sure why people think Blizzard is just going to suddenly stop releasing content faster just so they can milk Mop for a bit longer. They can't afford to let 5.4 last too long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    4 million active subscribers.
    Is there any point to this post or have you decided just to condense your "wow is dying" nonsense to save time typing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tekkommo View Post
    It's gonna be here for at least 8 months and they will lose subs regardless. There will probably be a 5.5 patch as well, but that could be a bad thing, as it would make SoO the current tier for longer.

    The question is how many will they regain if the next expansion is burning legion related.
    They'll certainly gain me back

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